‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Finale SXSW Premiere Highlights and Interviews

Mar 12, 2018



The cast of This is Us attended SXSW earlier today for the premiere of their Season 2 finale. This Is Us, who has been one of the more dominating TV series in recent years, closes out their second season and was renewed for a third in early January. The show recently won The Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall on the show, hosted Saturday Night Live this past week.

While on the red carpet, we got to chat with Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore and Justin Hartley about the finale and where we’ll see their characters in the future.

How does it feel wrapping up two solid seasons and renewed for a third?

Milo Ventimiglia: It’s exciting. It’s always exciting to know you are going to come back to work especially with this group of actors and crew who have worked so hard and are so talented. It’s nice to know that we’re at least going to be around for one more year.

Mandy Moore: I think we are giving ourselves a big pat on the back. We have 36 episodes in the can and that seems crazy for me. It’s really exciting. To be able to punctuate that here at SXSW and celebrate the end of the season is a really special experience.

Justin Hartley: It feels good. It feels really good. Anytime you can get renewed you have something to look forward to, that’s always good. We all love our jobs and there is way more story to be told. We are happy to come back for another one.

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During Season two, we caught a glimpse of ‘future’ Randall. Is there a chance we’ll be able to see your character in a future timeline?

Justin Hartley: Sure, I think there is always a chance. We never do anything that’s gimmicky so if it’s something that needs to happen to tell us a part of the story and to get deeper into these characters then we’ll do it.

Based on the trailer for the upcoming finale, we catch a glimpse of what future Jack could have looked like in the present. For the most part, because of the timeline, you’ve worked with the kids more. What was it like working with the adult versions of your children?

Milo Ventimiglia: Selfishly as an actor, being older Jack gives me an opportunity to work with the adult Big Three which is very exciting, very satisfying. Come Tuesday night, we will know exactly how that went.

Looking back at season two, what was your favorite scene to film?

Milo Ventimiglia: There was so much. There was moments with each character, each actor I got to work with. None overriding the other but I was really proud of what Mandy and I were able to continue to build. In marriage, as parents, yeah.

Justin Hartley: Rarely, if ever, do you get an opportunity to do a sort-of one-off episode, like episodes “Number One”, “Number Two”, and “Number Three” which I think was episodes 8, 9 and 10. I think those were my favorite. To take a deep dive into that character for such an extended period of time was well done.

Mandy Moore: On a lighter note, it was fun to do the Halloween episode because we got to dress up as Sonny and Cher. That was cute. It’s so hard to remember what happened this season. The most arduous was obviously the Superbowl episode and when Jack passed away. I’m still recovering emotionally from that.

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Did you see it coming when you were reading the script, how you were going to just be at the candy machine?

Mandy Moore: I knew all of it. Dan Fogelman had told us, but to be able to read it, the final finished project and how beautiful that script was, none of us were able to prepare for that.

The last time we saw you and Sophie, it looked like she forgave you and then you went your separate ways. Is this the last we have seen of her?

Justin Hartley: I like her a lot. I really loved working with her. Alex [Breckenridge] is great. We’ll see what happens. There is room for everything on this show.

The show does a great job with juggling the different timelines, is there a specific time frame for your character that you would like to explore more? 

Mandy Moore: I would love to see more of the courtship phase. It was happier times. Also, I’d love to see the 10 year gap between when he passes away to when she sees her first grandchild.


The cast will also be hosting a Panel at the Austin Convention Center tomorrow at 12:30pm CT. Stay tuned for more info.

Don’t forget to catch the Season 2 finale airing Tuesday March 13th at 8:00pm CT.
Check out our full gallery from the Red Carpet below:

(photos by Danny Benavides)


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