Variety is the Key to Powered Geek Box’s July Offering (Review)

Aug 8, 2016


July’s Powered Geek Box brings a variety of geek trinkets from every corner of fandom. So are odd, others are cute and most will make great desk mates. When the box arrived I was immediately struck by its odd shape. As this time I received a very long and skinny box as opposed to standard rectangle. From that moment on I knew I was in for something different with this Powered Geek Box, and boy was I right.

Many of you maybe expecting some Suicide Squad or Anti hero type items but Powered Geek Box doesn’t need a theme or hook to bring you great stuff from around the Geek Globe. When I popped the seal and lifted the lid, again I was struck by the no fluff attitude of Geek Box. No paper, no ads, no magazines, only stuff.


To be perfectly honest I was immediately struck by the implied vulgarity of the featured Scooby-Doo t-shirt. None the less, it made me laugh and is definitely unique and something you may not by for yourself. While it may not be appropriate for a young teen or child, there is no doubt that this is one Scooby-Doo tee that will turn heads and make you think of the Mystery Team in a whole new light.

If you pay attention to GWW at all you know what giant POP! Vinyl fans we are, so whenever a subscription box includes one, its an instant win in my book. Powered Geek Box gave us none other than Gotham’s James Gordon. That’s right Batman’s best buddy can be yours if you grab July’s Powered Geek Box. Still missing his signature mustache this younger version of Jim Gordon is poised and ready to take on Gotham’s dark streets. As always POP! provides great detail and quality and this piece is no exception.

Keeping on the POP! train we also get this cute pocket sized Castiel from CW’s Supernatural. Fight demons with this pint sized POP! on your side or just have a cute place to hold your keys. Again with POP! you can count on quality and the best fan service from POP!. So this little guy is a must have for any fan of Supernatural and this one will likely be going to a close friend of mine who has a deep passion for this show.

As a kid of the 90s, I grew up playing Sonic, in fact the SEGA Genesis was on constantly in our house. Unfortunately my love for Sonic has faded but my daughters is just beginning. As a fan of the Sonic BOOM cartoon show, she immediately spotted Sticks in this months Powered Geek Box and called dibs before I could even see what it was. The TOMY figure is cute, color and detailed but unfortunately could not with stand play time with a 5 year old and she almost immediately lost her left leg. So for Sonic collectors whom will keep the toy in the box, this maybe a sweet grab for you but may not withstand the might of a child.

This next item, is definitely an odd one as it invokes Harry Potter but is missing that crucial branding, thus making the Magic Apprentice Magic Ward Light Up Pen and cute trinket that will likely get lost in a drawer. While the pen is great looking and would make a pretty good toy for a would be Harry Potter, its missing the detail and craftsmanship that would really make it something special. Also, who the hell is going to write with this? Really? Not my favorite item the wannabe Magic Wand just misses the mark and instead comes across as a cheap knock off.

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Lastly, let us not forget the little guys, as this month Powered Geek Box finishes us off with this adorable Nightwing Eraser and Scooby-Doo pin. Both are worthy of Back to School time and will make a great addition to your child’s back pack both practically and aesthetically.

It’s that time again, as we reach the end of our review. It’s been a strange but fun trip as July’s Powered Geek Box literally has something for everyone. From the awesome POP! items to the inappropriate tee shirt, I am really happy with the goodies provided in this month’s box. Even though we had a slight miss with a cheap Sonic toy and an uninspired knock off, even those items can find the right home with the right fan. July’s Powered Geek Box will leave you satisfied and wanting more.


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