‘Venom’ Crosses $500M At Global Box Office – On It’s Way To $600M and A Sequel Is Assured

Oct 31, 2018

Tom Hardy’s solo Venom is still making a healthy amount of money as it looks to surpass a majority of box office predictions.

The current global total is $510 million even before the film enters the Chinese market.

This all but has secured that we’ll end up seeing a sequel as the Sony Pictures film has now earned a profit.

A sequel will most likely focus on Woody Harrelson’s Carnage and I have my fingers crossed they’ll attempt some sort of large crossover event. I’d hope to see them potentially take inspiration from the Maximum Carnage comic books.

This comic saw a bunch of characters like Morbius, Venom, Black Cat, and Spider-Man teaming up.

Sony Pictures has yet to announce any concrete plans for a Venom sequel but we expect it happen eventually.


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