The Walking Dead 6.3: Go, Get Going, Gone

Oct 27, 2015


1“How they wouldn’t all make it. They meaning us and not you, how you should leave us behind if we can’t keep up.”- Heath

Episode three, Thank You, begins where episode one left off as the horn continues to lead the walker herd off the road. The screen dissolves from black to reveal Glenn frantically running through the woods, with Rick and the others not far behind. Rick decides that he can run back to the RV, to round up some of the walkers that are now heading back to Alexandria. “The thing is they’re not all going to make it. You try to save them, you try, but if they can’t keep up, you make sure you get back,” explains Rick to both Glenn and Michonne. Meanwhile, Heath overhears Rick’s advice, thus setting up his distrust towards his newfound allies. There’s an interesting parallel drawn between Heath/Michonne and Nicholas/Glenn throughout the episode. Both attempt to provide guidance to their respective naïve Alexandrian, while on the run from a walker heard. The difference lies in Heath’s ability to acknowledge Michonne’s experience and understand that sometimes, “there is no choice to make.” In comparison to the-walking-dead-temporada-6-episodio-3-thankNicholas, whose own fear and demons, lead both him and Glenn to a dead-end.

“Because you’ve never had to do it any other way, you’ve never been through it, not really…Not like Rick.” –Michonne

After Rick’s departure, the group quickly winds up worse off, as one twists her ankle, one gets shot in the leg, and another is bitten. The odds are definitely not in their favor, as they find shelter in a pet store. While, some lick their wounds, Glenn, Michonne, Nicholas, and Heath form a new plan. Glenn figures out that if they burn down a building then that will distract the heard long enough for them to get back into the safe zone. His plan falters when it relies on Nicholas leading him to an abandoned building. “We all have a job to do,” explains Glenn to Michonne. A great call back line to Beth’s speech to Daryl, after being informed that her boyfriend died during a run, “We don’t get to be upset. We all have our jobs to do,” (4×03).  This scene between Michonne and Glenn mirrors the opening one between them and Rick. Both discussions conclude with the notion that the most important thing is to protect the town from the walker heard; well, that and “you make sure you get back.” Throughout the episode the writers present the morality shift that occurs while surviving alone, versus the hindrance of surviving together. The scenes featuring Michonne’s group anxiously waiting for the walkers to x240-Gwfarrive is juxtaposed with Rick’s lone wolf run back to the RV. They are caged animals, while he’s a wild beast.

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“Have you ever done things that made you afraid of yourself?”-Michonne

Michonne decides that it’s time for them to escape and confront their fears, as they open the pet store’s doors. Along the way, they end up losing two more people. This sequence is edited together with Glenn and Nicholas’ making a run for it, after discovering that there’s no longer a building for them to burn down. Both Michonne and Glenn lead the way down an alleyway. Michonne is able to use a rusty old steal fence to separate her group from the walker herd. Glenn attempts to do the same, but he’s utterly surrounded by walkers. Nicholas and Glenn manage to take the higher ground on top of a dumpster, as the walkers swarm in around their metal island. “ Thank you,” whispers Nicholas before shooting himself in the head. Cut to Glenn’s reaction shot, the blood splattering across his face, and then in slow motion Nicholas’s body collapses onto Glenn. They fall into the walker abyss. Classical music plays as Glenn is eaten alive. Cut to a wide shot of the alleyway, a vibrant red spot bloom through the center of an enclosed walker circle.CR7iu-HWUAAj2Fa

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“Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours, or walkers, or your friends?” -Michonne

Rick makes it to the RV and drives off to distract the walkers who wandered off the road back in episode one. He’s at the rendezvous point and radios Glenn - no response. Remember how Glenn and Rick met back in season one? Glenn helped Rick escape the tank through walkie-talkies. Now all Rick hears is white noise. “We keep going forward for them… we can’t turn back because we’re afraid,” says Rick. He’s then interrupted by one of the wolves that Morgan let go during the Alexandria invasion (if I’m not mistaken). The wolf shoots Rick in the hand. Uh oh… will Rick finally lose his hand next episode? In self-defense, Rick kills the intruders only to see more outside, creeping alongside the RV. He grabs an AK-47, and fires off a few rounds through the RV’s wall. This is where we end season six episode three. Rick’s injured, bloody, in RV that won’t start, as the walker heard slowly make their way out of the woods. He’s all alone… there’s only white noise on the other end.

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