Warhammer Vermintide 2 Launch Stream

Mar 15, 2018


Though I did not play the first Vermintide I was keenly aware of the loyal following of Warhammer fans that it drew. Early on in the production of Vermintide 2, I knew that I wouldn’t miss out on slaying giant rats this go round. To my delight, Vermintide 2 is just the game that a Warhammer nerd like myself had been waiting for. Featuring 5 distinctly different heroes with 3 separate talent trees allows you to craft the style of your character even further. Add to that each weapon offers different attacks, speeds, and, range and you begin to understand how you can become very attached to your custom built hero. There is my favorite The Elf Kerillian, The Dwarf Bardin Goreksson, The Soldier Markus Kruber, The With Hunter Victor Saltzpyre, and the Battle Wizard Sienna Fuegonasus. Exploring their strengths and weaknesses in the various situations that arise with different squad compositions is a huge part of the fun and challenge.

Vermintide 2 ships with 14 different maps each with their own meticulous aura of creepiness and foreboding doom at the hands of 3-foot tall rats with shields. Rather it’s a town that is on fire and totally decimated by the hordes of Chaos and Skaven or a deep cavern where the fiends perform rituals to hasten the end time. Of course, the most fun comes in slaying horde after horde of Skaven back to back with your buddies. Keeping your team healthy and together lies at the heart of surviving this hellish incursion. Gather your fellowship of friends and steel your minds against the horrors that await, only you heroes can rally the forces of Sigmar! Vermintide 2 gets my game of the month award.