WB Confirms James Gunn Will Write ‘Suicide Squad 2’ – Will Bring “A Completely Fresh Take To The Franchise”

Oct 11, 2018

Yesterday, TheWrap reported that Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn (Super, Slither, Dawn of The Dead) would be writing and maybe even directing Suicide Squad 2.

The Gavin O’Connor incarnation seemingly stalled and most likely won’t be happening, as he is now focusing on the Ben Affleck sports drama The Has-Been, which is about to go into production later this month in Los Angeles.

Now, Warner Bros. through their YouTube show Daily DC has confirmed that Gunn will indeed be writing the film.

Calling his version “a completely fresh take to the franchise”.

However, they stopped short from saying he’ll also direct.

There has been a little confusion about the fate of the cast moving forward, but there is currently an expectation that Margot Robbie and Will Smith could return considering this likely won’t be filming anytime soon.

Production and release dates for the project are currently up-in-the-air as a script has yet to be completed.