WB shifting Godzilla & King Kong Release Dates

May 11, 2016

Monsters are on the move at Warner Bros., the studio has anounced plans to move Gareth Edward’s Godzilla 2 from June 18th 2018 to March 22nd 2019.  The studio then set Godzilla Vs. King Kong up for a showdown on Memorial Day weekend 2020 with a May 29th 2020 release date.  Both of these films will follow King Kong: Skull Island due out March 10th 2017.


While I still don’t understand every studio’s desire to turn every film property into a continuity driven shared universe just to try and replicate Disney/Marvel’s success, I do respect that WB is taking their time trying to build this shared Kaiju universe rather than rushing it to the market.  You can criticize the exec’s in Burbank CA all you want for Batman V. Superman, but it feels like they are learning from their mistakes by meticulously planning this monster movie universe and reigning in Zack Snyder’s control of their DC properties.


While I wasn’t the biggest fan of Gareth Edwards 2014 Godzilla film, mainly due to the actors involved dying too quickly or phoning it in.  I do think that he truly captured the essence of the Godzilla beast and look forward to the director exploring the creature and his impact on our world more in depth.  This will also give the young film maker a chance to catch his breathe coming of the highly anticipated Star Wars Rogue One out December 16th.

(Source: The Wrap)

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