We Have Demons #2 (REVIEW)

Nov 10, 2021

Mad Cave Studios


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We Have Demons #2

After getting to know Lam in the series opener, We Have Demons #2 takes a greater look at Gus. That does slow things down a bit through the early portion of the book a bit, but that doesn’t last. The story goes 0 to 60 in the latter half of the book — then there’s the ending. Nothing could’ve prepared anyone for that.

Written by: Scott Snyder
Pencils by: Greg Capullo
Inks by: Jonathan Glapion
Colors by: Dave McCaig
Letters by: Tom Napolitano

But as much as the finals pages of We Have Demons #2 might be what sticks with readers, that is far from the sole strength of this book. There’s a particular development with Gus that Scott Snyder teases earlier this issue and pays off later in the issue. If this weren’t a creator-owned series, I wouldn’t be shocked if that payoff didn’t come later this arc or even further down the line.

Then there’s the action. As much as there was some cool stuff in the first issue, We Have Demons #2 felt like more of an indicator of what to expect from Greg Capullo. Unyielding chaos and violence at the drop of a hat. What makes that even more appealing: Snyder makes clear in this issue no one is safe under his watch.

After wowing with his other two ComiXology books from his first wave of books for the company, Snyder reminds readers with this issue that We Have Demons is top dog among all his new series.

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