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Building a Regiment

What is considered a regiment in Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and how do you build one? All your questions answered here.

By Heather Houston

February 24, 2022

A base holds a single mini while a stand can hold anywhere from 1 to 4 minis depending on Type.

Infantry stands hold 4 miniatures where Cavalry, Brutes, and Monsters only have one.

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All command model upgrades should be on one stand.

Do you have upgrades to your regiment?

So, your Leader, Standard Bearer, and Herald of Fire should all occupy the same stand.

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All stands within a regiment must be in a rank and file formation.

There must be more stands in your forward rank than in the rear.

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Always remove casualties and inflict wounds in the rear as to not affect how many bases are in contact.

Your Command stand is the last to be removed.

A regiment will share all of its characteristics. Therefore, you can't mix regiments with other types of regiment stands.

Characteristics include:

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How far a stand can move



Measures Stands ability with ranged weapons


Effectiveness of a Stand during melee

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Lined Circle

How many attacks you get per go



How many damaging blows a Stand can endure before removing a model


Ignores harm through agility rather than toughness.

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How likely is the stand willing to stand and fight in battle during trying times.



Shows how tough they are when struck

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Special Rules and characteristics will apply to the entire regiment. The only reason this would change is if the regiment is accompanied by a character.

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