The Fall is Coming in The Rings of Power

By Heather E. Houston

We have gotten many the tasty tidbit of the new Rings of Power series by Amazon Prime coming Sep 2…

It wasn’t that long ago that we saw the new posters featuring various character hands that give away just enough.

Then, Vanity Fair brought you a more in-depth look at the characters of Middle Earth.

The Rings of Power will be set in the Second Age and could cost over $1 Billion to make the entire 5 seasons of the show.

We get our first taste on Sep 2 of the beginning of the 8 episode first season.

While we may not see some familiar faces, we are sure to see others in a different age and stage of their journey such as…

Who was she before she was the Lady of the Golden Wood?


What role does he play in the rise of Sauron?


We even get locations in their prime such as Khazad-dûm

Blue Rings
Blue Rings

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