The GWW Pull List #6

It's that time of the week again, time to look back at this weeks comic book reviews!

Ghost Rider #1

Although, Johnny Blaze is one we haven’t heard from as much. Readers will find out very quickly why he’s been on the sideline for quite some time.

In The Name of Carnage.

With silk and Venom joining Conan’s quest we’re bound to get a bad apple but what happens when you take the host away from a symbiote?

Step by Bloody Step #1

Without question, reading Step By Bloody Step was an experience unlike any other because Step By Bloody Step... Is completely muted.

Supermassive #1

When Radiant Black  came to the masses, it was an instant hit. One year later, the universe  created exploded and become … Supermassive.

All in The Family.

When does a truly hero make it? It's hard to say in Captain Marvels case, but one thing's for sure, when you mess with one Marvel you mess with all of them.

The X of Wolverine.

Character’s lives and deaths In the past seemed like it was Logan's fault.  That all changes this issue.

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