It's One of the Most Nostalgic Times of Year

Humans continue to gather around the fire and think on memories steeped in gifts of yore

It Started Early

The switch to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console was a pivotal time for this 8-year-old. 

Enter Nintendo Switch Console

Fast forward a few decades and my Nintendo baby Hubs gifted me a new Lite. At the time, I wondered if it was still worth it.

A generation told to suck it up and stay productive tends to seek nostalgia to ease the guilt of not measuring up. 

Enter a new high score to wash it away. It wafts back smells of cereal in the morning and adapting to little supervision.

Make No Mistake

The Switch console is a bit dated. Characters seem geared for the very young. 

Peel back the cutesy to find hardcore gaming glory.

The 80’s and 90’s in a Handheld

Nintendo Switch Online grants the joy of opening the game to  find new “shinies.” 

Definitely Worth It for Nostagic Gamer

Looking for a gift this season that will bring back the feelings  of childhood superiority?

Maybe grant the feeling to the young ones in your life? Consider a Nintendo Switch console.

My Lite has changed the way I game. No longer do I have to wait for a group to be ready. My Switch is always My Buddy.

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