Valorant or Apex Legends?

Valorant and Apex Legends are both fan favorite titles that brought a lot to gaming in recent years. But which is better?


Apex is a free battle royal with duo and trio matches, whereas Valorant is a game that's more focused on teamplay like CS:GO or Overwatch.

In-Game Features for Apex Legends

Apex features 19 playable legends with unique skins and abilities and a multitude a guns that can also be customized.

In-Game Features for Valorant

Like Apex, Valorant has 15 playable characters called agents who each have special abilities Valorant also has skins but only for guns.


Both games have good graphics but they’re different styles so it's hard to say which is “better” as this sort of opinion comes down to personal preference.


Valorant and Apex are both really good and likable games but they’re entirely different types of games so in the end it just comes down to personal opinion for which is better.

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