What Would Batman Do: To Defeat Suicide Squad’s Big Bad (SPOILERS)

Aug 10, 2016

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SPOILER ALERT! In case you do not know who the big bad is in Suicide Squad, I am about to talk him or her……

Suicide Squad has finally dropped and you either love it or hate or maybe you just thought it was an okay movie. Except for the critics, they…well… they hated it. Bloody hated it. Now once the final credits rolled some questions were left unanswered such as, Why the heck did Captain Boomerang come back to join the team after he left the bar? And whats up with the Unicorn plushy? Does Amanda Waller know Bruce Wayne=Batman? Or why where so many Joker scenes edited out of the movie? They left so many questions they’d make the Riddler proud. But my favorite question is, “Where was Batman during the Midway City take over?” Where was Batman during the final fight in Suicide Squad? You can speculate that he was attending matters in Gotham City or maybe he had worked something out with Amanda Waller allowing her to test out her Task Force X. I don’t really know and I don’t really care. BUT if he had shown up, I have a theory about how Batman could have defeated Enchantress and her Brother.


First off, Batman would discover Enchantress is the cause of the destruction in Midway City. How so? By using his Wayne Tech Bat-Drones, not the Drones looking to see where Superman hangs his cape either. Afterwards, he begins to do what the world’s greatest detective would do, he investigates. In his investigations he would discover that this ancient being has existed over 6000 years ago and has been once defeated by primitive people. In Suicide Squad we learn a few things about Enchantress. First we learn she is an ancient evil witch, living over 6000 years on the earth along with her brother Incubus. Second, we learn that both of them have possibly ruled either some part or most of the earth. It’s clear they were at one time worshiped as gods. And third, we learn that they have been defeated and entrapped in little voodoo doll vases in a cave years prior. It is clear Amanda Waller did not know everything about Enchantress. She had no idea about her brother, Incubus. If she had, you better believe he would have been her temporary puppet too.

Going back to Batman. Batman understanding this attack was from an ancient evil he would have flow the Batwing to Africa, found the ancient writings from the people of that time, deciphered the ancient language using his Bat computer to discover how they were once imprisoned. Then he would have shown up talking in tongues with a voodoo doll in hand ready to put a curse on these bad Wonder Twin wannabes to trap them in an old voodoo doll vase. Done, case close and off to form the JLA, I mean the JL.



Batman would seek out Jason Blood, the man who is bound to the demon from hell Etrigan. Because demons are totally a thing in the DCEU, (spoilers) thanks Diablo. Here is quick rundown on who Etrigan is: Etrigan is a demon from hell who has his soul bound with a man named Jason Blood in the time of King Arthur by the wizard Merlin. Yep, Merlin is DC canon. Jason Blood is an immortal who has studied the Occult and magic a like. All he needs to do is whisper a rhyme to release the demon, “Gone! Gone! — the form of man — Rise, the Demon Etrigan!” In the comics and even the animated WBDC tv shows, Batman and Etrigan have teamed up against foes featuring the occult. I recommend watching the episode “The Demon Within,” from ‘The New Batman Adventures.’

In this universe Batman could have crossed paths with Jason Blood before or have possibly even teamed up at one point. Batman would have stormed in the Midway City court house with Etrigan the Demon and we would have had ourselves a good old fashion demon smack down of the century. Yes, I know that sort of happened with Diablo and Incubus but Diablo wasn’t much of a fighter, nothing compared to Etrigan. The Demon has super strengthen that can rival Superman and possibly just as fast. He would have been able to rip Incubus and Enchantress apart while Batman stands from a distance shooting grenades, again. I encourage any comic book fan to look up Etrigan and batman team ups if you haven’t already done so. Now that the DCEU has introduced demons and magic I would LOVE to see a Batman & Etrigan movie. The only real villain they could face would be studio involvement but that is a story for another time.


Written by: Jonathan Tijerina

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