Whats Your Issue? #1

Jun 30, 2015

Spinning out the popular Geeks with Wive’s and capes podcast comes the inaugural episode of the What’s Your Issue? Podcast.  Hosted by comics editor: Brad Bell, tech editor: Agasicles Stamas, and comics contributor Tyler Pollock, this podcast is dedicated purely to weekly comics discussion and comics news.  Each week our hosts bring at least three of their favorite pulls for a round table discussion, and close out with the biggest current news stories in the world of comics.

This Week’s Pull’s:

Brad: Earth 2 Society #1, Prez #1, X-men 92, Southern Bastard’s issues 1-5, and Grayson Volume 1

Agasicles: Superman #41, Realm War’s #10, and Hellbreak #4

Tyler: We are Robin #1

In our news segment we discussed the recently announced post “Secret Wars” “Extraordinary X-men” series by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos, and the newly announced “Vision” series by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez.

Please email any questions or future pull request to: Brad.Bell@geekswithwives.com , or leave us a comment below!