What’s Your Issue? – Episode #2

Jul 18, 2015

Welcome back, everybody!!! In case you didn’t know, What’s Your Issue is GWW Radio’s weekly comics review show where we talk nothing but comics. No news, no movies, nuthin’ but books. Join us for a look back at the week that was in comics for the shipping week of 08 June 2015.

This episode we talk Strange Fruit #1, in terms of its overall quality and its presence in the mix of current social events. Then we go deep on Ghost Racers #2 and many of the Marvel Secret Wars and Battleworld Tie-ins. We also spend some detail time on what we thought about Lando #1 and how it compares to the other Star Wars books in Marvel’s lineup! Last week was a pretty big week in comics, so please join us for the conversation while you continue to get through your current stack.


Tyler Pollock

Danny B.

Agasicles Stamas

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