When Does Terrifier 3 Come Out? All You Need to Know

Jul 10, 2024

When is Terrifier 3 Coming Out?: Release Date & Details

Continuing the horrific story of Art the Clown, Terrifier 3 is one of the most-anticipated horror movies of 2024. Fans can’t wait for October 11, 2024, to come out. 

Learn about the movie’s release date, streaming options, cast, and more in this article. What makes this sequel a must-see for horror fans? Find out how it relates to the first two movies in the series.

Are We Getting a Terrifier 3?

Art the Clown with black and white outfit firing a flamethrower.

Photo Credit: Cineverse

Terrifier 3 is officially happening, and horror fans are thrilled. As one of the biggest indie horror successes for an independent horror film, the Terrifier franchise continues to captivate audiences with its creepy appeal across generations. Not long before Halloween, Terrifier 3 release date is set for October 11, 2024 in theaters. Horror fans can look forward to this slasher franchise featuring Art the Clown.

Release Date Announcement

  • Release Date: October 11, 2024
  • Distributor: Iconic Events Releasing, in partnership with CineVerse and Bloody Disgusting
  • Streaming: Exclusively available on Screambox after theatrical release

Fans expect the same high level of blood and horror as the previous movies, making it a must-watch for those who enjoy grassroots genre moviemaking.

How to Watch Terrifier 3?

Art the Clown wearing daisy glasses in a store full of sunglasses.

Photo Credit: Cineverse

Theater tickets are highly recommended for people who want to see the murderous Art the Clown cause more chaos. If you like scary movies, Terrifier 3 is a great choice to see in a theater with other scary movie fans.

Streaming Availability

  • Theaters: Available in various cinemas starting October 11, 2024
  • Streaming: Following its theatrical run, it will be available on Screambox

Many horror fans are going to love this third installment because it has just the right amount of tension and scare, and it comes out right before Halloween. Fans have been getting more and more excited for this slasher franchise showcasing Art the Clown, and this release looks like it will be a big deal in the horror movie world.

Is Terrifier 3 More Gory?

Art the Clown in black and white costume making a creepy gesture.

Photo Credit: Cineverse

Damien Leone, who is known for his work in dark age cinema productions, has hinted that the tone of the second movie will be more gritty and real. Leone says that Terrifier 3 will be even scarier and more visceral than the previous movies. He wants to push the limits of horror.

Trailer Analysis

  • Teaser Trailer: Released before the theatrical re-release of Terrifier 2, showcasing a blood-soaked Art the Clown
  • Plot Hints: Set during Christmas Eve, where Art the Clown, disguised as Santa Claus, terrorizes unsuspecting residents

David Howard Thornton is back as the killer clown, and he promises to give a performance like the ones that horror fans showed to appreciate in the first two movies. Terrifier’s third movie is sure to become a horror icon. It continues the story of Art the Clown and the little pale girl, and cementing its place as a generational horror film.

Is Art the Clown Immortal?

Art the Clown with a sinister smile working on something in a dark workshop.

Photo Credit: Cineverse

With Art the Clown’s return in Terrifier 3, fans are talking about how he seems to live forever. Drama fans are scared of David Howard Thornton’s performance as Art, who makes them wonder if he will ever die. Art the Clown’s repeated brutal killings in the first movie left a lot of people perplexed. Fans are eagerly anticipating more of his horrifying deeds as this third movie continues to explore his mysterious abilities.

Plot Teasers

  • David Howard Thornton: Reprising his role as Art the Clown
  • Immortality Speculation: Continues from the first film and Terrifier 2
  • Plot Hints: Set during the Christmas season, adding a new layer of horror

The teaser trailer hints at Art the Clown wreaking havoc as Santa Claus, bringing chaos to the unsuspecting residents of Miles County as they peacefully drift off to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Why Is Terrifier 2 So Scary?

Terrifier 2 raised the bar for horror movies with its intense scenes and scary story. In the second movie, there are new characters and deeper plots that really shock people. The gory special effects and direction by Damien Leone made this slasher movie stand out. Fans were thrilled when horror fans said how creative and scary the movie was.

Horror Elements

  • Damien Leone: Director known for his dark age cinema approach
  • New Characters: Introduced in Terrifier 2, adding depth to the storyline
  • Special Effects: Created by horror legend Tom Savini

The combination of shocking visuals and a relentless plot made Terrifier 2 a horror fan favorite, setting high expectations for Terrifier 3.

Are Terrifier 1 and 2 Connected?

The storylines of the first and second movies in the Terrifier series are very closely linked. Victoria Heyes, played by Samantha Scaffidi, connects the movies to her scary real-life experiences. The second movie builds on the chaos that started in All Hallow’s Eve and Art the Clown’s reign of terror.

Continuity in the Franchise

  • Character Continuity: Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes
  • Directorial Vision: Damien Leone’s consistent storytelling across films
  • Cast: Includes Lauren LaVera and AEW star Chris Jericho

This continuity makes sure that fans of the series stay deeply invested in how the story is developing and can’t wait for the next chapter. Now that the main filming for Terrifier 3 is done, it looks like it will continue this tradition by bringing more horror to the big screen.

Key Takeaways

Terrifier 3 is set to be one of the biggest success stories in indie horror, continuing the chaotic legacy of Art the Clown. Directed by Damien Leone, this feature film debut from Lens Productions promises to shock the box office. The release date is October 11, 2024, perfectly timed for the Halloween season.

  • Release Date: October 11, 2024
  • Director: Damien Leone
  • Production: Lens Productions
  • Plot: Art the Clown will slay October, bringing chaos on the unsuspecting residents

In the same interview, Leone hinted at more chaos as Art terrorizes a mental institution, ensuring fans are on the edge of their seats. This third installment continues the story with fresh horrors and a return to the gritty roots of the series. When is Terrifier 3 coming out? Mark your calendars for a terrifying October!


When is the release date for Terrifier 3?

Terrifier 3 hits theaters on October 11, 2024, just in time for the Halloween season.

Where can I watch Terrifier 3?

You can watch Terrifier 3 in theaters starting October 11, 2024, and it will later stream exclusively on Screambox.

Who is returning to the cast of Terrifier 3?

David Howard Thornton returns as Art the Clown, alongside Lauren LaVera, Samantha Scaffidi, and AEW star Chris Jericho.

Is Terrifier 3 going to be as gory as the previous films?

Yes, director Damien Leone promises Terrifier 3 will be as gritty and gruesome as its predecessors, if not more.

Will there be a Terrifier 4?

While not officially confirmed, Damien Leone has hinted at the possibility of a fourth installment in the series.