Where Does Frieren Anime End in the Manga? A Complete Guide

Jun 28, 2024

Where Does Frieren Anime End in the Manga? Complete Guide

Made by MADHOUSE, the anime “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” has fans all over the world. Up to Chapter 60 of the manga is shown in the anime. Start reading from Chapter 61 in Volume 7 if you want to keep going with the adventure.

You can find out where to get the manga, when the anime will be updated, and what to expect next in this article.

What Chapter Does Frieren Anime End On in the Manga?

Frieren with her friends

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The anime “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is about an elf mage named Frieren who goes on a journey to remember her friends who died and find her own purpose in life. The anime won the Best Adaptation Award at the 2023 Anime Awards. It has been praised for having deep emotional depth and beautiful animation.

  • The events up to Chapter 60 of the manga are shown in the anime.
  • The story follows Frieren as she takes the First Class Mage Exam.
  • The story is about life, death, and what it means to let your soul rest.

Exact Chapter Correspondence

The anime ends at Chapter 60, which is the end of the First Class Mage Exam arc. In these chapters, the following things take place:

  • Along with her friends, Frieren faces the Demon King and gets through many trials.
  • The last episode ends with the results of the first-class mage exam.
  • Stark set off on his own and faces the hardest thing he has ever faced.

Chapter 61 in Volume 7 is where you should start if you want to keep reading the manga.

  • At the start of Chapter 61, Frieren and her friends face new problems.
  • This part of the manga goes into more detail about what happened after the First Class Mage Exam.

Where is Frieren Manga Currently?

Frieren testing her powers

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The “Frieren” manga goes on after the anime, with new adventures and character growth. The manga is far ahead of the anime right now, with many chapters out that add to the story.

  • The manga shows how Frieren and her team deal with new problems and quests.
  • More fights against the Demon King’s army’s remnants are important parts of major story arcs.
  • One theme that keeps coming up is Frieren’s desire to help souls rest.

Availability and Access

Fans who want to read the manga need to know where they can do so. There are several official ways to get the “Frieren” manga.

  • Physical copies: You can find them in bookstores and online at stores like Amazon.
  • Digital Copies: Digital versions can be found on Kindle, ComiXology, and official manga websites.
  • Fan Translations: Fan translations can be found on sites like MangaDex, but the best experience comes from reading the official versions.

By reading the manga, you’ll get a deeper understanding of Frieren’s journey and the problems she faces than what you saw in the anime.

What Manga Readers Need to Know

  • If you want to keep reading after the anime, start at Chapter 61 in Volume 7.
  • It shows Frieren’s ongoing quest and the new problems she has to deal with.
  • You can learn more about “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” and its complicated world in the manga.

Fans can stay ahead of the anime by reading the manga and enjoying Frieren’s whole journey and all the hard things she goes through.

Will Frieren Get Season 2?

Frieren looking far away

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I look forward to hearing about a second season of “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” Even though nothing official has been said yet, a second season is likely because the first season got good reviews and high ratings.

  • Fans and critics alike have said great things about the anime.
  • At the 2023 Anime Awards, “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” won the award for Best Adaptation.
  • MADHOUSE is a studio that has a history of making more than one season of popular shows.

Because the manga is so popular and has a lot of material to draw from, it makes sense to have a second season to continue Frieren’s story and show her facing new challenges.

Fan Expectations and Speculations

There are a lot of hopes and guesses among fans about what Season 2 might be about. If the anime stays true to the manga, fans can expect more adventures and more character growth.

  • New Challenges: After the First Class Mage Exam, Frieren and her friends face new enemies and go on new quests.
  • Character Growth: The hardest things will happen to Stark and the other characters, which will shape their futures.
  • Plot Developments: The story will go into more detail about what happened after their fights and how the Demon King’s remnants are still a threat.

Fans think that the second season will begin with Chapter 61, which will introduce new storylines and character relationships.

Did Season 1 of Frieren End?

Frieren with her crew

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Season 1 of “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” goes through a lot of ground in terms of both plot and character growth. The season ends on a high note, with big story arcs wrapped up and new adventures planned.

  • The First Class Mage Exam marks the end of the season.
  • How well Frieren does as a mage depends on her fight against the Demon King and the trials that follow.
  • The last episodes are mostly about characters thinking about their pasts and planning their futures.

Reception and Reviews

Many people have said good things about the first season’s story, animation, and emotional depth. Fans and critics have said the following:

  • Acclaim: The anime has been praised for being a true adaptation of the manga.
  • Ratings from viewers: This show has high ratings on sites like MyAnimeList and Crunchyroll.
  • Awards: The show has won several awards, including the Best Adaptation Award.

This good feedback makes people even more excited about a possible second season, since both fans and critics like how good and deep the show is.

Things that anime and manga fans should know

  • Episode 60 of the manga is where Season 1 of the anime ends.
  • Fans should pick up where they left off in Chapter 61 and read on to follow the story.
  • Future Seasons: Fans are very excited for Season 2 because of how well Season 1 did and how the manga story is still going.

Fans can get the most out of Frieren and her friends’ emotional journey as they face new challenges and grow from them if they read both the anime and the manga.

Is Frieren Anime Caught Up with the Manga?

The anime “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” has gotten a lot of attention, which has made fans wonder how true it is to the manga. It’s important to look at both the anime and the manga to see where the story ends in Frieren.

  • Up to Chapter 60 of the manga is shown in the anime.
  • The manga picks up where Chapter 61 left off, giving Frieren and her friends new problems to solve.
  • As the story goes on, Frieren and Stark face the hardest thing they’ve ever had to deal with.

This comparison shows how closely the anime follows the manga, making it easy for people who are already reading the manga to jump into the anime.

Future Release Schedule

Fans who want to stay up-to-date can look forward to when new manga chapters will be released.

  • Regular Updates: New chapters of the manga are released on a regular basis, keeping the pace steady.
  • Volume Releases: Every so often, new volumes are put together and made available. Volume 7 is the first one after the anime.

Staying informed about these releases will help fans determine success in following the ongoing adventures of Frieren.

Key Takeaways

To sum up, knowing where the anime ends and the manga begins for Frieren helps fans easily switch between the two.

  • Chapter 60 is the end of the anime.
  • The manga continues from Volume 7, Chapter 61.
  • As the story goes on, it gets harder, and the characters’ arcs get deeper.

People are still interested in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” through both its anime and manga versions. Frieren’s journey with her friends is full of deep emotional moments, challenging thing stark moments, and deep growth.


What is the Frieren anime about?

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” follows Frieren, an elf mage, as she embarks on a journey to honor her fallen comrades and find her own purpose.

How many episodes are there in Frieren Season 1?

Season 1 consists of several episodes that cover up to Chapter 60 of the manga.

Where can I watch Frieren anime?

The anime is available on major streaming platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

How closely does the anime follow the manga?

The anime closely follows the manga, ending exactly at Chapter 60.

Currently, there are no spin-offs, but the manga continues beyond the anime with new challenges for the characters.