Where is the “IT” Supercut?

Jul 8, 2021


Way back in 2019 Andy Muschietti spoke about a “supercut” of IT and IT Chapter 2 that would run for about six hours. Well, here we are in 2021 with no word on its release. Lets get into everything we know, if the cut is still happening, and everything it may include.

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It is nearing four years since the release of the monumental IT, which broke the record for the biggest horror movie opening weekend and the second biggest opening weekend for an R rated film behind Deadpool at that time. At the end of the movie, it teased a sequel and with the massive success the sequel was of course an instant go-ahead. IT Chapter Two opened with a $91 million opening weekend which makes it the second highest opening weekend behind IT Chapter One.

Shortly before the release of IT Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti said he would like to create a supercut of IT and IT Chapter Two, which would include deleted scenes from both movies. He said he would like to shoot some new scenes. Let’s discuss how many deleted scenes there are between both movies.

Deleted, alternate and extended scenes

IT Chapter One has eleven extended or deleted scenes on the special features of the blu ray, 4K, and digital versions of the movie. Perhaps some of those would be used in the supercut.

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Now, IT Chapter 2 has absolutely zero deleted scenes on any version of the movie. Could the reason for this be that they are saving them for the supercut? We know of a few alternate and extended scenes. One we know thanks to The World Of IT book being an alternate scene of Pennywise as Beverly attempting to attack Ben.

Another being after Mrs. Kersh’s scene with Beverly a red balloon appears after she runs out of the building which reads “Sweet dreams, Bevvie”.

Another deleted scene that was shown in the trailer, and in The World Of IT book once again, is Mike meeting Pennywise in the buliding that burned down and killed his parents. There is not much known about this scene however, it likely takes place while the rest of the Losers club are split up looking for their own artifacts.

Another deleted scene is Mike speaking to Pennywise. Mike says to Pennywise “we’re going to get you, now they believe.” to which Pennywise responds “they believe in me.” Andy Muschietti described the scene as “introducing the idea of belief as a weapon”.

The final scene is an extended scene where Beverly explains that she has seen how all of the Losers Club die. This scene was shown in a small piece of the trailer. Of course this scene could have be filmed specifically for the promotional use.

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What have we heard recently?

The most recent news about the cut came from Finn Wolfhard in 2020 after a fan asked him about the supercut at a meet and greet. Finn said he has “been trying to figure out what’s going on.” He also said Andy Muschietti “has been super busy.” Andy Muschietti is currently working on The Flash which is set to release in 2022.

When should we expect the supercut?

Well, Andy Muschietti seems to be very busy throughout the next couple years with The Flash and the Attack On Titan movie so the supercut is not his main focus. I think Andy has pushed the supercut back for so long as it was likely just an idea, he never said this is happening we’re definitely going ahead with it. Which pains me to say, as I love both IT movies and a supercut would be an absolute dream of mine. It would be awesome to have a six hour IT movie combining IT and IT Chapter Two including new and deleted scenes. But I guess we’ll just need to continue waiting for more news on this cut and if there is any I’ll definitely be reporting on it.

After the recent success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League will Warner Brothers try and push to get the supercut released?

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