(Updated: Stock update!) Where is the Lenovo Duet?

(6/9/20 – update) According to our source within Lenovo, the Chromebook Duet will likely be available at BestBuy and Walmart in July.

Their website reads “coming soon” but Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet, which critics dig, has already come. So what’s going on? It’s unusual for a laptop to follow the standard rollout process and then suddenly be impossible to find. While it’s likely an inventory issue coupled with the economic impact of COVID-19, the bizarre reality is you cannot even pre-order the device from Lenovo. That seems like a no-brainer considering the device’s popularity with critics, consumers, and that it has already shipped and there are no reported major issues with the device.

This has me questioning the lack of stock.

Lenovo have recently announced two more “Duet” brand devices that run Windows 10. They will be shipping in July. And they cannot compete on price with the Chromebook Duet. Is it possible Lenovo pivoted manufacturing to focus nearly – if not exclusively – on the new Windows-based Duets? It’s hard to imagine an industry giant like Lenovo in a position to make such a call. But the impact on manufacturing and consumer demand that COVID-19 has had is difficult to comprehend and quantify. Although, this Chromebook Duet situation may provide a key, but somewhat nebulous datapoint.

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Hopefully we’ll see the Chromebook Duet back in stock soon. And I’m very much looking forward to the Windows Duets as Lenovo’s last attempt, the Miix series, was termendously underrated.

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