#WhoWouldWin’s Jay Sandlin Interviews The Original Zordon David Fielding

Sep 19, 2018

This feature/interview was a chance meeting at my local con. The crowd had died and the poor guy had nothing to do. I was already there performing with my improv group so I snagged an interview feature. Feel free to run it at your convenience, if you like: This weekend @JSandlinWriter sat down with the 90’s favorite talking head. Jay interviewed @DavidJFielding— the OG Zordon from #PowerRangers. They discussed Bryan Cranston, #Boom Comics, & #WhoWouldWin matches w/ Rangers vs. #Comics characters!


The highlights are below.




(Photo: RangerWIKI)

Jay: When you were recording (Power Rangers) what was your interaction like with the cast?

David: Unfortunately, it was minimal. Because they only filmed the character (Zordon) one time. I interacted with them when I auditioned for the role. And the day that we filmed I interacted with them because we traded lines back and forth. But because they used all the footage they filmed that day and recycled it over and over– and I would go in and do voices after that– unfortunately I was never really on set with any of the Rangers. I didn’t really get to know them until twenty or twenty-two years later.

Jay: Wow! At conventions and through the Power Rangers community? That’s awesome. Because there’s such a great nostalgia for the Power Rangers.



Jay: We talked about the #WhoWouldWin show with Godzilla vs. Megazord. What do you feel about that episode’s decision for Godzilla to win?

David: I don’t think I can disagree. Godzilla is a force of nature. Depending on which Godzilla you choose, they’re about the same height. So again, the Megazord being something that is constructed and can be destructed, I think that’s a factor against it. But I don’t think I can disagree with the choice that Godzilla will win. Like I said, Godzilla is a force of nature. Again, Power Rangers and Godzilla have a tendency never to give up. But once the Megazord becomes non-functional….



Jay: Who were some of your favorite monsters on the show?

David: From Power Rangers? Let’s see. All of them were very odd and strange. There was the giant purse monster. There was the frog creature that  swallowed everybody. But the one that stands out for me is Pudgy Pig. Because his arms came out of his mouth and he was just very strange.

Jay: So who would win in a fight between Pudgy Pig and Blob from X-Men?

David: I’m going to have to give it to the Blob on that one. Basically because I think Blob would crush Pudgy Pig.

Jay: I could see that. He could turn him into some sausage and fry him up.



Jay: What did you think about the Bryan Cranston (Zordon) from Power Rangers?

David: Once I heard they’d cast Bryan Cranston I thought, oh great! They’re going to treat the character with some seriousness. It’s not going to be cheesy or anything like that. And seeing what he did with it on the show, I thought they did a really good job. The Zordon on the TV series was very static. He didn’t move very much. And so they found a way to make him more dynamic, having him slide back and forth on the ship. I thought that was a really good choice.



Jay: Who was more annoying: the original Alpha or the Ranger movie Alpha?

David: I think the original Alpha was annoying in a very heartwarming, sweet, kind of way. The new Alpha I think, for me, was one of the weak points of the movie. I wish they’d done more with Alpha.




Jay: On the show, we all loved the Green Ranger. If you were going to say #WhoWouldWin in a fight, let’s say between the Green Ranger and his martial arts and then go over to DC and let’s say he fights Black Canary. What’s going to happen?

David: I think I’ll have to give it to Jason. Simply because the Green Ranger is a very powerful incarnation of the Power Ranger’s power. He has the Dragon Zord to back him up. So, I think I’m going to have to give it to Jason.

David went on to talk about Boom comics and how he and other cast members are participating in their Power Rangers: Shattered Grid book. Jay asked David more #WhoWouldWin match-ups, including the OG Pink Ranger vs. Harley Quinn. His answer was surprising!

David is an actor and a writer. He appears in the webseries “Strange Happenings”. He and his co-writer, Karan Ashley, released  The Order: Icarus Rising.  Vol 1. is available now!
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