Why Moving Wonder Woman 1984 to HBO Max Is the Right Decision

Nov 19, 2020


In a surprising announcement, Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to streaming via HBO Max in addition to theaters (where possible) on December 25th! This massive announcement came tonight and I couldn’t be more excited and shocked.

Wonder Woman 1984 was shaping up to be a billion dollar movie for WB, so what led to this decision? 

The Pandemic. As Jason Kilar (CEO of Warner Media) said, “We’re not in Kansas anymore” and with COVID-19 decimating the entertainment industry, this move is the safest and consumer-friendly move a company can make. Offering a streaming option while still providing people with the option of a theater experience where safe, it’s the best of both worlds. I think this a genius move; as someone who lives in the Midwest, which is currently being pummeled by COVID, I appreciate Warner taking a different avenue to get this to their fans, without taking the Disney+ route of adding an extra $30 charge on top of a subscription in order to gain access to a movie.

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How does streaming a blockbuster make money? Subscriptions! The performance measurement of a movie this size is going to be a whole new territory and Warner Media appears to be up for the challenge. HBO Max carries a $15.99 per month cost, which is a bit higher than some other streaming services, but there is a ton of content right now, from breakout original shows like Lovecraft Country, Raised By Wolves, His Dark Materials, DC originals (Doom Patrol, Titans, and Harley Quinn) and of course you have Zack Snyder’s Justice League four-part mini series releasing in 2021. HBO Max has something for everyone in the family, and with their announcement of joining Amazon Fire, the service is only moving in a positive direction. Now hurry up, Roku!

Patty Jenkins and company deserved a billion dollar blockbuster with this movie, but the selflessness of Warner Media is proving that the safety and happiness of their consumers is top priority. This also allows for families to continue with the common Christmas tradition of an evening family movie; offering people some semblance of “normalcy” can go a long way and is much needed during these unprecedented times.

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Cheers to Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, Chuck Roven, and Jason Kilar for their innovative decision. I will mourn the loss of being able to  go to my local theater for this movie for certain, but I will also have the peace of mind knowing that I’ll be able to enjoy this movie while being totally safe and secure in the comfort of my own home.

What a Christmas present! 

See you on HBO Max this Christmas and on Blu-ray when available.

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