Why I will Play Jazzpunk Over and Over Again

Jan 30, 2015


Jazzpunk is a game you might have heard of a while ago; it was developed by Adult Swim games and is by far one of the funniest games I have ever played. I think it’s really nice to see a comedy game in a game industry thats lately been full of FPS games and other ongoing series. So let’s take a look at the world of Jazzpunk.

The Gameplay: Jazzpunk’s gameplay is very simple. For example, the gameplay has basic controls such as move, jump, interact and switch item. It is not hard to control at all and it never gets boring as the game puts all of these simple controls into EXTREMELY good use.


The Graphics: I wanted to bring up the graphics because I have to say, they are very nice. They are cel-shaded cartoon style graphics which altogether just make the game more funny. I also have to mention that the characters are done amazingly because they are so simple yet have just enough detail to make them look great. A great amount of detail has been put into random things such as magazines, bottles, boxes, and a hand that you use to interact with some objects.

The Story: Jazzpunk does not have much story. Still, it has missions, a director, and more importantly, TONS of interaction. Through these things it creates a simple story; while also loading the missions up with tons of gags, pop culture references, game references, and pretty much any childish prank you can think of.

It's fair to say this game has plenty of gags to throw around.

It’s fair to say this game has plenty of gags to throw around.

The Gags: As you play through the game; you will encounter many things including but not limited to, a man who makes pigeon pie, a psycho reference, a help line where they give you actual hints to the game, and a hilariously weird director. These things are what the game lives off of, the game does have a coherent plot, but it would add up to a big pile of nothing if they did not include these gags.

The Game Time: One thing you will notice is that this game is SHORT – like shorter than Portal. I think that the shortness of the game actually makes it better in a way. Because who wants to take like five weeks to finish a comedy game? Think of it this way: someone tells a funny joke. That’s fine, but what if he made that joke 10 times longer and more complicated? You probably wouldn’t find it funny. So in a way, this games shortness is justified, and I think thats okay. The only thing is after you finish you want more gameplay because underneath its humour, it really is a great game.

To wrap it up, I recommend you try this game out for yourself not just because its an amazing game, but honestly, I can’t do it much justice as I can’t tell you the jokes or I might spoil it! That is the main reason this review is so short, because the game is short and there isn’t much I could comment on without spoilers, so if you want to check it out for yourself (which I highly recommend you do) and like wacky, all over the place games, it’s $15 on steam and its for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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