William Shatner Appearing At Motor City Comic Con 2022

Feb 10, 2022

Captain Kirk is coming back to Michigan! William Shatner (Star Trek, T.J. Hooker, TekWar) is the first announced guest for 2022’s Motor City Comic Con (MC3). The famed actor, director, writer, singer and commercial astronaut is most definitely known for his role as Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the original iteration of Star Trek from 1966-1969. Over his illustrious career, he has shown off considerable talent in so many areas and his presence in known to multiple generations. This will be his most recent appearance at MC3 since 2014 and he will be appearing on Friday and Saturday.

Motor City Comic Con is Michigan’s largest fan convention that has been going on since 1989. The convention brings in guests in the areas of entertainment, comics, creative arts, writing and more. This spectacular three day event draws in tens of thousands of guests annually and has been convening during the month of May (except for 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus). Previous recent years have had headlining guests such as Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead), David Tennant (Doctor Who, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Doug Jones (Star Trek Discovery, Hellboy 1 & 2), and Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me, Star Trek The Next Generation). This year, the convention will be taking place from May 13-15, 2022.

Personally, as both as member of the press and an unabashed nerd, this convention has been amazing every year that I’ve gone since 2016. I have been able to see and talk to a few of my absolute favorite actors and tell them how their work makes me feel. I have been able to sit in on panels with completely amazing people that have told us both things we’ve wanted to know about their work and things about ourselves through their own personal journeys. One of those in particular as Wil Wheaton and the trials that he has gone through throughout his entire life. While some of us see a character or actor, he showed us just how human he is and how similar he is to all of us. I’m looking forward to more of these once-in-a-lifetime moments later this year.

Tickets are on sale now via their website. Motor City Comic Con will take place at the Suburban Collection Showplace May 13-15, 2022.