Willow #1 (REVIEW)

Jul 8, 2020



Willow #1
Boom Studios

Written by: Mariko Tamaki
Illustrated by: Natacha Bustos
Colored by: Eleonora Bruni
Lettered by: Jodi Wynne


It is hard to argue that Willow Rosenberg experienced the most change of all the charactets on the Buffy television series. Her character arc saw her go from High School geek to a high priestess. It would be tough to argue if her life is better or worse for knowing Buffy.

I wondered how the Willow from Boom Studios new series would behave. Where would she be at mentally, dealing with the fallout of her experience with the Hellmouth?

This issue does a great job of expressing the feelings Willow is experiencing. Willow writes letters to help her loved ones to explain her feelings. None of these are actually completed or sent so they simply help the reader process the pain Willow is going through. Meanwhile, we witness Willow distance herself, first from the school in England and then from Sunnydale. This new portrayal of Willow sees her distancing herself and being less of the heart of the “Scooby” gang.

Overall, this is a solid debut for Willow. The art of Eleonora Bruni and Natacha Bustos stays consistent with the rest of the Boom Studios Buffyverse comics. Each series seems to have unique styles while adhering to certain character aesthetics. I would say unlike other comics in this franchise, Willow’s adventure so far relies on a much brighter color scheme. It is only late in the issue things change to the much darker tones more familiar to the other entries in this series.

Much like the “Same Time, Same Place” episode of the Buffy show, this debut issue finds Willow alone. The difference this time is, it is all of her choosing.

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