Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha

Jan 26, 2017


Hello Neighbor. It’s everywhere. It is, dare I say, the new Five Nights at Freddy’s for the gaming community. What do I mean by that? Basically everyone is playing it, and speculating as to what the background story is. I myself cannot wait to find out what this shady and well-mustached gentleman is hiding from us.

In this Pre-Alpha, the basic story is laid out where we break into the neighbor’s house to try and enter his secret room, only to have him stop us. What is especially interesting about this game is the neighbor has an enhanced AI, meaning, it learns your tactics forcing you to change how you enter his house, stroll around, etc. Now, the Pre-Alpha is bound to have some bugs in it, as it isn’t even the proper alpha yet. With that said, it was a well put together concept game to give the public a taste of what is to be expected in the final product, which is set to come out this summer.

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If you are easily frustrated, I suggest investing in the other alphas that have come out. As of now, there are three established alphas which have upped the ante in regards to gameplay and background story. Yes, the updated alphas are not free, but many of the bugs are fixed. However, if you want to get the feel for the game, I highly suggest downloading the Free Pre-Alpha which is available on their site, along with the paid for alphas.

I personally am excited for the official game to come out on Steam this summer. We will finally learn what this neighbor is hiding, and frankly, I want to learn why we keep breaking into his house in the first place. But, so far, it is a nice way of letting the player know what is possible in this game, and what will be possible later on. It’s a shame that a man with a well-manicured mustache and dashing sweater vest happens to be the villain here.

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