YellowStone Season 5: This Family

Nov 4, 2022

The biggest show on cable TV is a show that doesn’t include dragons, but rather cowboys, horses and family. Yellowstone Season 5 returns November 13,2022. What can we expect from the Dutton Family this season? Yellowstone has told the story of cattle sales, Reservation issues, land and title disagreements. What is at the forefront of the entire series is the idea of fighting for what you leave behind when you’re gone. The Dutton’s and Montana is a story that spans 100’s of years.

With Yellowstone Season 5 the Dutton’s are taking over Montana, where do Rip, Kayce, Jamie, John and Beth side on these affairs? And who will be left to appreciate the land they are fighting so strongly for? What makes Yellowstone such a special show to its millions of viewers? Season 5 promises changes. Humble beginnings on the Yellowstone Ranch to the Governors office. Lets look back on the show that was and look ahead to the battle that awaits the Dutton’s.


There are a lot of moving parts to Yellowstone. A lot of family members. There is also the Bunkhouse family. The show moves at a fast pace in every aspect of its story telling. It can be a simple conversation between Grandson and Grandpa. Or it could be a Governor and the head of the Reservation plotting and scheming. At the heart of the show and the ideologies of the conflicts that inhabit the show, its about conversation. Yes there are fights and cattle rides. That is how the show the show works so well. The cowboy nature of the show blended with the political and family drama.

Dutton Family

There are factions to the over arching story.

  • Kayce and Monica
  • Beth and Rip
  • Bunkhouse and the Ranch
  • Jamie and Beth
  • The Dutton Ranch vs the Conglomerate

And there are more to mention. The show is full of intrigue and different genres. If you look back on the best moments of the show, its either the Dutton family solving a problem they think they have or the family creating a problem. At the heart and success of the show, is the Dutton’s. In the later seasons i.e…S4 it became less about some and more about others. With an ensemble cast all trying to find the daylight of screen time. Taylor Sheridan (writer and creator) finds footing for all the characters to shine in one way or another.


What’s to come for Season 5? With a show as popular and successful as Yellowstone, people have been asking since the finale of S4 aired, When does Yellowstone Season 5 start? On November 13, 2022 there will be a two episode-two hour premiere. Expect the show to hit the ground running as soon as the show opens. All parties involved will have a part to play. As laid out above, everyone of the Dutton’s and co. will have issues to deal with off the hop. Lets get into what we could expect.


First and foremost John Dutton will be sworn in as Governor of Montana. With S4 ending with a switch and bait (John over Jamie) expect Johns political career to start off rocky and continue to be a thorn in the side of both he and the legacy of Yellowstone Ranch. Since the ranch was built, and the ground it was built upon was founded, John Dutton has done everything and anything to protect it. His move to the Governors office is based solely on the fact that he thinks its in the best interest of the Ranch. Expect that his role as Governor will not be everything he is hoping for and that the job will draw him away from the Ranch.

In becoming Governor he also alienated his son Jamie. With Jamie on the outs and his sister Beth holding his life in his hands (via a cell phone video of Jamie disposing of a dead body), Jamie’s inclusion in the family dynamic will be an interesting story line. Jamie having murdered his biological father in S4, look for Jamie and John to build or degrade there relationship.

What is Yours

Kayce and Monica are on a journey of acceptance and growth. Monica is expecting there second child. Kayce is still trying to manage being Livestock Commissioner and being with his family at the same time. As well, issues on the Reservation for Monica’s family and friends have been a through-line since season 1. Kayce is best when he’s finding his way, but has his family at his back. Kayce getting involved in family and political affairs has never been good for Kayce’s families well being.

There are more storylines for S5 that havent mentioned above. Mostly because writer/creator Taylor Sheridan blends so much into every minture and every frame of the show. The exciting thing about that is the mystery and the idea of getting the unexpected. A show about family, about consequnce, trust and loss. A show with horses rather than dragons. The biggest show on cable TV returns Nov 13,2022

Yellowstone airs Sundays at 8pm ET/7pm CT