Yet Another Zombie Defense HD Review

Jul 6, 2018


Yet Another Zombie Defense HD

Awesome Games Studio

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD leans into both the absurdity of its premise and the fact that they know that premise is not something new.


The game is a top down, third person strategy game. You take control of one of four types of players. Who they are and their motivations are irrelevant. You’re in an open area with one light and time to create your defenses before the zombie hordes descend on you from all directions. The characters, creatures and constructs look really good in HD. There’s enough attention to detail that it focuses the player. There are limitations with the chosen POV for the game, but they are negligible.


You construct defenses from simple wooden barricades to mounted weapons like turrets. Your personal weapons consist of pistols and assault rifles to melee weapons like a chainsaw. Each becomes purchasable during the course of the game as you survive the previous nights horde and it is your responsibility to fix and maintain your barricades as well as purchase ammo before the next horde comes. It can become repetitive to continue the same actions wave after wave, but this version has the ability for others to join your game between rounds. That option opens the game up to more enjoyable interactions as well as the ability to create strategies on the fly. It definitely adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

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The advantage to these kinds of games is that they can be picked up and put down easily. That’s evident in Yet Another Zombie Defense HD. I found myself on several occasions trying to find a game to play and picking this back up while I either made a decision or while I waited for friends for either another game or to join this one. It’s something that can be indulged in at one’s leisure and that’s a good thing.

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is not reinventing the wheel, but it knows what it’s doing and it does it well.

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