You Should Go To MCM Comic-Con London

Nov 10, 2018

Recently I was given the opportunity to spend a weekend at MCM Comic-Con London.  After 3 long but fun days there, I can say this was definitely one of the best conventions I had gone too.  The convention had a large variety of things to see.  They had movie screenings, fan signings from comic creators, actors, and YouTube personalities and many more.  You were also able to download a companion app that would help you keep track of any scheduled events such as panels.  The venue used to hold the event was quite large and even on the busiest day, it was still very manageable to get around.  Even if you weren’t using the app, there were still signs posted around showing a floor map of the convention which breaks up each section very nicely with the colored flooring that separated sections of the venue and just made the map that much easier to use.  Signs also showed the listing of all scheduled panels and screenings.

There was also a large variety of different types of food to eat whether it was from restaurants near the convention or food stands in the halls.  Everyone working the convention was very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful.  Lines for things like autographs, demoing games, or photos were handled greatly.  I can’t say much about the wait time as we all know this will differ depending on how long a line is for any one of these things.  The best thing about this convention is that there was something for everybody.  You had the comic book creators, video game demo kiosks, panels for all types of guests that came to the event, and all kinds of merchandise to buy from exclusive Funko Pop’s and Hasbro action figures.  Between attending different panels, waiting for autograph’s, and looking for merchandise.  I was having an absolute blast and it also seemed like nothing ever got delayed off schedule from what I heard.  What also made this convention great were all the people that attended to con.  From the cosplayer’s to the people that are just walking around.  Everyone was very nice and easy to strike up conversations with as we were all here just to have a good time embracing what we all love in our fandom’s.

MCM Comic-Con London is by far one of the best organized conventions I had ever gone too.  It’s packed with everything you need and what you could want out of a convention.  I can definitely say that I would gladly come back to attend this convention again.  I also recommend anyone in the London area to check out the show next year if you happened to have missed out this year’s show.  I know we all want full value out of anything we pay for, and the price of admission for this convention is easily worth it.

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