Yuso Review

Jul 24, 2018


Vertical Reach

Nintendo Switch

Yuso is a pretty straightforward puzzler that isn’t overly complicated in either design or gameplay. Your job is to clear all of the Yuso off the screen and the difficulty builds with each level.


There is no story really. You move from planet to planet clearing Yuso from the infected worlds. The task becomes more difficult as the Yuso evolve. The lack of a narrative is actually fine for what this game is trying to be so it’s not a big issue that what is offered as a story is pretty forgettable.


The graphics in the game are as uncomplicated as the story. You have a group of Yuso on the screen and they explode as you explode them. No more, no less. The transition between stages is good and it keeps the momentum of the game moving, but there isn’t much here graphically and that’s actually a good thing. Yuso is a straight puzzle game and works best on that level. Adding anything to the graphics beyond the control buttons and the Yuso would be a distraction.


As puzzle games go, you can play Yuso, put it down and pick it back up at any time. There’s no demand for you to spend hours on the game. Progressing through the game doesn’t really offer much in the way of higher stakes or more interesting gameplay. Working on your strategy is the biggest draw to bring a player back, but there is a back button that gives you infinite opportunities to try again.


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