Zoe Lister-Jones To Helm ‘The Craft’ Reboot For Sony

“The Craft”, a popular 90s horror movie, is being rebooted by Sony Pictures. Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions will be producing the movie, with Zoe Lister-Jones directing and co-writing the picture. Lister-Jones is best known for her acting in roles for television shows Delocated and Whitney. Daniel Casey will also co-write the reboot. Casey made headlines last year when it was revealed he would be tapped to write Fast and Furious 9 for Universal Studios.

“The Craft”, released in 1996, became a big box office success when the $15 million movie made an outstanding $55 million. The original movie starred Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, and Rachel True. The impressive box office numbers from the movie must have inspired Sony Pictures to go ahead and let Lister-Jones and Casey team up to write a reboot. The new movie will be about a young high school student named Hannah who has just moved to a new town after her mother remarried. She also moves in with three new stepbrothers. When Hannah goes to school, she meets three girls who are convinced she will fulfill a prophecy by joining their coven of witches. Only when Hannah discovers her three stepbrothers are part of a sinister plot does she realize the girls may be correct about her witch powers.

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Source: Full Circle Cinema

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