13 Ways to Catch Up On Doctor Who

Oct 11, 2021


Your favorite Time Lord and co. are finally returning to our screens soon, which means it’s time for those who haven’t been watching the series to catch up on all of those episodes. There are many ways to watch Doctor Who online legally now, with some being more affordable than others. Here, we’ll go through 13 ways that you can catch up with Doctor Who before the new season begins!

Doctor Who: Where to Watch Online

Where to watch Doctor Who online
BBC iPlayer

1 - BBC iPlayer

BBC Studios has been amazing enough to stream Doctor Who’s modern seasons through their server BBC iPlayer included free with your license. All you have to do is sign in and watch from your browser if you have access.

BBC America

2 - BBC America

If you have BBC America access, you are able to stream season 12. Visit Nikola Tesla’s generator plant and Lord Byron’s brilliant mind where history inspires fantasy.

Catch up on Doctor Who with HBO Max

3 - HBO Max

For between $9.99 and $14.99 a month, you can stream Who to any device enabled with the HBO Max app. This is my personal method as I don’t have cable here in the States. All of the modern era seasons of Doctor Who are available.


4 - Crave

Are you in Canada? Crave has got the Doctor Who you… well… crave. Whether it’s David Tennant with Adipose or Peter Capaldi with his snacks, enjoy with friends as you gear up for season 13.

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5 - BritBox

BritBox has your classic series Doctor Who! Australian residents can also get New Who from BritBox. Whether it’s the far future or our distant past, Classic Who has got what you need. You can even stream Doctor Who: The Movie.

Where to buy full episodes

6 - Amazon

There is no need for a subscription if you’d like to buy the episodes outright and watch as baddies attempt to destroy humanity right on your iPad for as little as $1.99 on Amazon. You’ll need the Amazon Prime app or watch it in your browser.

7 - Microsoft Store

If Xbox and Microsoft are more your speed, you can also purchase episodes from the Microsoft store to watch Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, John Barrowman as Captain Jack, and Billie Piper as Rose thwart a terrifying plan.

Doctor Who Watch Online at Google Play

8 - Google Play

Are you really surprised that you can buy full episodes from Google? Nope. Neither am I. Catch a new Doctor getting his bearings and friends being made in this season from Google Play, which is on sale while I write this article.

Getting to know the characters Beyond the Screen

9 - Big Finish

While we’re talking catching up on Doctor Who, one of my favorite ways to get my Who fix between series is to head on over to Big Finish. They have a wide variety of Whovian content in a range of prices. New releases are available exclusively through Big Finish for a while.

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10 - Audible

After the exclusive period, Big Finish content can often be found on Audible for a credit or reduced price for members. Catch David Tennant as the Doctor in releases that promise a thrill.

11 - Titan Comics

We love Titan Comics here at The GWW, and their run of Doctor Who-related series are no exception! I’m currently obsessed with Missy: The Master Plan, which is set to release on Wednesday. Titan Comics has an entire library of Whovian content. I recently reviewed Missy #1!

12 - Hoopla

Speaking of libraries, if you are looking for Doctor Who content, look no further than your friendly neighborhood library app - Hoopla. Whether it’s the comics, audio plays, or novels associated with the IP, Hoopla has Whovian content where friends face a smattering of issues with the help of the Tardis.

13 - Read the Wiki

If you are more of the read the synopsis type person, as I sometimes am, the Tardis.Fandom wiki or the actual Wikipedia site is where many of your questions can be answered.

No matter how you decide to consume your Doctor Who, enjoy because we are in for quite a ride coming up!


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