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Sep 17, 2021


Doctor Who: Missy #1 Cover Art for review

Missy #1

This 50th Anniversary of the Doctor’s oldest frenemy is the comic series for you if you are a Missy fan. Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata pull this series together with the perfect embodiment of our favorite agent of chaos. Plus, it’s giveaway time! Titan Comics has given us a hard copy of the complete graphic novel Missy: The Master Collection (coming October 12th) for one of our lucky followers. Stay tuned after this review to enter. To celebrate, I thought I would review Missy #1!

By: Titan Comics

Written By: Jody Houser
Art By: Roberta Ingranata

Issue #1 starts with an enigma wrapped in a riddle with a question mark on top. The Master is in lockdown, but is help on the way? With the Third Doctor booted, it leaves Missy to save the day for her former self. She’s been in timeout for quite a while, and has she gone back to her dominating ways?

Characters You Will Meet Along The Way


She’s trying to be a good girl, but being bad is just so much more fun. This incarnation gets more wacky and chaotic than any other I’ve watched. The story takes place sometime during her imprisonment with the Twelfth Doctor.

Doctor Who Missy Cover Art gets you pumped for giveaway time!

The Master

Cold and calculated, the quintessential Master is the same Time Lord at a different point in Missy’s timeline. He is serving his time at Stormcage Containment Facility, waiting for the perfect moment.

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The Third Doctor

The Third Doctor has been grounded on a dingy little beloved ball of rock and hasn’t quite come to terms with it. As a UNIT agent, he can communicate with Stormcage Containment Facility to ensure that the Master is still secure but doesn’t have the most faith in those guarding him.

The Rundown

This time she’s got a clever plan; what could it be, and why is she dressed that way? There are so many questions asked in this issue. I do love how easily she convinces people that she’s the Doctor. Put on some mismatched socks and gloves, and people will believe anything.

  • Interior pages just in time for our giveaway
  • Interior pages just in time for our giveaway

She gets a glimpse at what prison could mean. Would she have preferred a prison more like Stormcage without the Doctor’s nagging about rehabilitation? Did she get tired of it and finally bolt? Time Lords can be so fickle.

Overall Impressions

I fell in love with this portrayal of Missy from the moment I saw the rubber ducks. Roberta Ingranata nailed every aspect of her countenance with a few ink strokes. It’s like I’m seeing Missy portrayed on screen by Michelle Gomez with some of those facial expressions.

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Speaking of familiar faces, the Third Doctor is the perfect little treat here. He’s stuck on Earth with only his words to ensure the safety of the Universe. The evil he warns of flies over the guard’s head. Most of us have a basic assumption that our skills are superb. These events could cost the guard more than his ego.

I laughed and tried to figure out the riddle the entire time reading this. The rest of the series made me fall in love with this way to consume Doctor Who. I look forward to more Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata stories. They make an excellent team!

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Score 9.7

Giveaway Time

I promised you a giveaway and now’s the time. We will randomly select a winner on November 5, 2021! Be sure to catch our full review of Missy Volume 2 on November 5th with exclusive sketches from Ingranata herself!

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