Black Canary is Ready To Fight in Injustce 2 Character Trailer

It’s no secret we are huge INJUSTICE fans here at the Geeks WorldWide office, so you can image our excitement ever time a new piece of content drops for the highly anticipated INJUSTICE 2 from NetherRealm Studios. This week we get our first look at Canary, maybe the most deserving character to be added to the INJUSTICE 2 roster, Black Canary.

Dinah Drake or Dinah Laurel Lance as she has also been called is a perfect fit for a fighting game especially considering she is widely considered the DC Universe’s most fearsome hand to hand combatant. Often tasked with training the other Justice League members on how to fight, Black Canary is not someone you want to face off against with fists as you won’t walk away the winner. Thus she is an obvious choice for NetherRealm and INJUSTICE 2.

Check out the Black Canary Trailer below! And for more on INJUSTICE 2 keep it locked to

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Want More INJUSTICE 2, check out 16 Characters We Want To See in INJUSTICE 2. And let us know what you think about the new Black Canary trailer in the comments below.

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