CinemaCon 19: Walt Disney Panel

Apr 3, 2019


While the Walt Disney panel was short and sweet it was jam-packed with exclusive content for the CinemaCon audience. The presentation started off with a montage of past Disney films including Fox films the studio recently acquired like Wolverine, Deadpool, Predator, Die Hard, and AVATAR. The studio also showcased a montage of films from Fox Searchlight’s amazing 25 years. The presentation then jumped right into the deep end with an exclusive scene from Avengers: Endgame. The scene was a continuation of the scene seen in the recent trailer between Captain Marvel and The Avengers. They discover where Thanos is hiding out after the great Snap that killed half the population.

The studio then turned to it’s Fox properties at this point in the show. The studio showed a brand new trailer for Dark Phoniex which shows Jean once again gain her powers to their ultimate level. Even at one point disintegrating Magneto’s helmet as he thinks she’s a threat to mutant and humankind. The studio also once again confirms that The New Mutants will still be released theatrically as originally intended. However, no new footage or information was given. We also ended up getting trailers for both Stuber and Ford v Ferrari. Which looks like a high-level octane thrill ride.

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The studio then turned to their live-action adaption of classic Disney films. We got new footage from Aladdin which showcased Will Smith’s rendition of “You Never Had a Friend Like Me” which was made famous by Robin Williams in the animated classic. We also got our very first look at The Lion King beyond the teaser trailer released in November. It showcased Simba trying to wake up Mufasa. But when he finally is awake Mufasa takes Simba out of Pride Rock to show him the Pride Lands. The entire land that Simba sees is their Kingdom to protect not rule. We even see a small Zazu voiced by comedian John Oliver. Lastly, we were shown a behind-the-scenes look at Maleficent: Mistress of Evil as Aurora is proposed to by Prince Phillip.

Lastly, to close out the show we were given an exclusive first look at the first 17 minutes from Toy Story 4 and the introduction of Forky.  However, due to our NDA, we are unable to give specifics on the footage shown during that segment of the show.

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And that is it for the Disney Panel at CinemaCon! Stay tuned all week for updates…

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