Comic of the Week: WHAT IF MILES MORALES # 1

Mar 4, 2022


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Apologies, dear reader(s). Where you would normally encounter the incredible insight of the Friar Guy, you’ve instead got asylum side seats to my insanity. And in a true coincidence not only am I answering the “What If” someone else covered comic of the week for our site, but the comic of the week also happens to be a What If. In What If Miles Morales # 1, Cody Ziglar explores a different path for the young hero. However, does this offer him a chance to experience Faulkner’s poem. Or prove the adage “all roads lead..” is a Universal (Marvel or otherwise) truth.

Marvel Comics

Writer: Cody Ziglar
Artist: Paco Medina
inkers: walden wong; victor olazaba; sean parsons
Color Artist: Chris Sotomayor
Letter: VC’s Cory Petit

The issue quickly establishes the bases of this reality and premise. In the opening page readers discover two things. One is that Steve has not been discovered in the ice. The U.S. government has been attempting to dupliicate that successful serum. During this narration the core traits that set Captain America apart are explained by Miles along with why he envisions himself as a suitable successor. It is very easy to see Miles seeking to emulate the ideals of Steve since they similar to Peter, in whose footsteps Miles seems fine filing as well.

Whenever someone speaks about prospects of potentialities, I get excited about explaining the reality of eventualities. I just get lost in the emotion. Despite the differences in this new reality for young Mr. Morales Cody Ziglar doesn’t destroy the elements that are core to Miles, or even Captain America’s story. For example, similar to how his teenage tummy helped him hitch a ride to the 616 after Secret Wars (2015), Miles hunger is the reason he becomes the next Captain America. He also can’t seem to escape certain unfortunate events or discoveries in his life. Similarly, now that he is Cap, he finds himself faced with a classic Steve threat from a somewhat familiar face.

I won’t divulge the full adventure save to say it truly is equal parts Miles and Captain America. It also ends with a twist that opens Miles (and our) eyes to a bigger picture.

We Hold These Truths

First, there are just some things we have to acknowledge as the simple ironies of life. I’m reviewing a Miles book about Captain America titled “What If”, yet the Inhuman Icarus saw a totally different “What If” for these two names. That moment really hits home as the cover for this issue reminds me of that vision.

Also it is a real reality check when you reach beyond the story and realize all the events that did not take place in this universe. Miles “sidekick” isn’t named Falcon II…so where does that leave Sam?

Finally, as Miles’ foes actions reveal some situations are inevitable, though the minor details may be different the major notes are still there. Like when Legion killed Xavier to create the Age of Apocalypse. Somehow you still end up with an attack on a rocket launch, only now it is Apocalypse and not Magneto.

I was slated to write the review for this issue, things changed and another writer wrote a terrific review covering this issue. And yet still someway, somehow I’m here writing a review of What If Miles Morales # 1. I suppose no matter where you “rome” whatever “will be will be”. Yes, this Universe can seem maddening but it is truly a “Marvel”-ous one as well.

Honorable Men: CROSSOVER # 12, ROGUE SUn # 1, SRANGE # 1

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