Comics Noobs Show #94: Time Travel Restraining Order

Comics Noobs Show #94: Time Travel Restraining Order

We wrap up the final chapters of MESSIAH WAR! X-Force and Cable battle Stryfe to determine the fate of the Mutant Messiah, Deadpool is up to his usual shenanigans and Apocalypse shows up for no good reason! We also cover an issue of Silver Age Daredevil and his absolutely absurd shenanigans pretending he has a twin brother! Finally, we get back to Superhero Survivor as we’re down to the final 7, the alliances start to fracture! Don’t miss it!

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Kevin Veldman

Kevin Veldman is the host of The ComicNoobs Podcast. He's hopelessly addicted to coffee, Twitter, and sarcasm. His views do not reflect those of The GWW or any reasonable human being.

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