EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair

Apr 30, 2019

Thanks to the folks at EWin for sending us this gaming chair.

The EWin Champion Series is a super comfortable and adjustable gaming chair. Underneath the tight, stitched leather is an aluminum frame atop at 5-star aluminum base. I’m a huge fan of the EWin racing chair I’ve had for a year now. I wasn’t prepared to test out another one because I’ve felt it just can’t get any better. And to a certain degree I was right. Between the two chairs they both feel really comfortable. But there are a couple of key differences.


No two people are alike when it comes to comfort. Fortunately this Champion series gives you a lot of options for adjustments. The armrests move vertically, slide horizontally, and can be rotated. The height of the base can also be adjusted to adapt to your sitting height. It does, of course, recline as well with the simple pull of the right-side lever. Finally there is a tilt lock that separates the base from the backrest.

While in Use

My gaming sessions rarely surpass an hour. But my office time can easily surpass 2 hours. I have a height adjustable desk and I like to spend most of my time standing while I work. But this chair, like the other EWin chair, is so hard to get up from! I stand to be healthy but it all started when I injured my back 15 years ago. Sitting flat out hurt and, today, it hurts if I sit for an hour or so in a basic chair. But a chair like the Champion that is sturdy and can be adjusted allows me to find the right posture to avoid pain. That’s a huge requirement for me that I found once at an Office Depot in my city. But I immediately gave away that chair when my first EWin chair arrived. The price was the same (roughly $300) but the level of comfort wasn’t even close. And right now this EWin chair is 25% off! Normally $349 it’s now $289 and worth every penny.

If you find the standard fair of $100 or even $200 office and gaming chairs to be unsatisfactory, you owe it to yourself to check out the Ewin Champion series.


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