Gaming with Devs – Legrand Legacy

Gaming with Devs – Legrand Legacy

Are you kidding me? It’s not often you find a AAA-caliber game in Kickstarter. But, here is Legrand Legacy, defying the odds. I spent 30 minutes with AJ and Uwil (who also appears in-game) to play their first game from the beginning. I was so smitten, I backed it shortly after the interview. For more about Legrand Legacy, read a preview by James. Enjoy the stream.

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Joe Barhoum

Joe was born and raised in Portland, OR. As an illegitimate son of Zeus, Joe sometimes struggles with his humanity vs. his divinity. As a self proclaimed “health-nut” Joe drinks half his weight in protein shakes a day, and it is not uncommon for him to run for days, sometimes covering hundreds of miles.

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