Here Comes The Reign Again?

Sep 15, 2022


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X-Men Red # 6 Cover

There is no escaping how polarizing the presence of monarchy can be.  Even now the world joins in grieving the loss of a longstanding queen.  Several light years, and universes, away on Mars another nation’s territory is under assault.  Many Arakki have lost their lives this day, the members of the Brotherhood have each seen this too often.  In the pages of X-Men Red # 6 the old ways of the broken land are broken; a new history for the Arakki begins. Can it survive this day which is truly unlike any other?  

X-Men Red # 6
The Hour of Magneto

Marvel Comics

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Color Artist: Federico Blee
Letterer: VC’s Ariana Maher

The issue opens with narration from NASA scientist Marshall – the soil analyzer attempts to “contribute” to Looloo and her brother’s escape.  Marshall must have mistaken the Arakki for the Morlocks but forgive him as there are many similarities.  For starters there were few “oddities” in the X-Men lineup from the original up to Operation Zero Tolerance.  Part of the reason the Morlocks lived underground was due to their mutations’ physical manifestations.   Looking at Stefano Caselli’s Lactuca and Sobunar flanking the royally pissed off Storm do they even look human? What “race” were they before they entered Amenth?  Isn’t it better they are off Earth? Be honest, it is Judgement Day.  

X-Men Red # 6 Int

Resurrection may have caused this war, but the arrival of the Arakki- and terraforming Mars – is still the most fascinating aspect of the Krakoan Age. The real reason for “no more mutants” , redundancy, is proven REDUCTIVE once you see there is no limit to the many marvelous ways talents can manifest.   Federico Blee’s shows readers its projectiles and not sonar being created as Lodus Logos’ metal producing voice joins the battle.

X-Men Red # 6 highlights another similarity between the Arakki and the Morlocks.  Storm a was leader of both groups during their “massacre”. But while Callisto and those underground hide their extreme differences, the Arakki are proud people.  Marshall’s willingness to collaborate with the children’s movement to another location is similar to the sacrifice of a Hellfire Club guard for another mutant years ago.   

While Tommy would eventually perish, and is awaiting resurrection(?) , Storm declares no one shall fight alone this day.  Joining Magneto – who is heartless, physically – the pair create the mutant circuit hinted at a few weeks ago in Immortal.  Ewing’s use of Erick and Ro here adds pump and not pomp to these circumstances.  A missed chance to let Storm sport her purple; merely to add to the regality of the moment.   

Though they say help is not in their language, is there another description for what Sobunar does by releasing only “part” of his blood.  Later once the Eternals weapons begin to resurrect – when does that become deviation(?) – Magneto and Storm combine powers to halt further deaths on Mars – Magneto’s specifically. The two X-Men each ruled over a factions of mutants, only to have them slaughtered – they deserve this moment.  Roberto acts more mature than recent appearances; fitting considering his past and current authority. His presence – along with the lettering from VC’s Ariana Maher – speak to painful pasts and optimism considering the growth these mutants have experienced since the days the X-Men and New Mutants shared the mansion.

In addition to the Morlocks and the magnetic storm, there are some other nods to Classic X-Men.  In addition to Lodus – can you hear Sean’s screams – another Arakki arrives, an obvious nod to a tenured X-Man.

While Judgment Day threatens life for Earth’s mutants,  the Arakki do not intend to share that fate.  Marauders currently has a team searching for mutants lost in space. In X-Men Red # 6, the Brotherhood and The Great Ring war to continue to rule among the stars.  

Score: 9.1


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