How to Get Away with Murder 2×11 ‘She Hates Us’

Feb 25, 2016

This weeks episode we see the fall out between our central characters. The Keating Five strengthen their bonds as friends, as they build a defense for mother who won’t give up a known criminal, because he’s her son.  Over all the episode was good, but not great.  I know this is because the writers need an episode to connect dots and remind the viewers about the shared history between Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank. But I just didn’t feel emotionally connected, until the end with ‘Flaruel’ having their talk about honesty.

how-get-away-murder-season-2-episode11-she-hates-us-spoilers-previewThe Flashbacks

There were many flash backs this episode. I thought they were put well together and added severity to the crimes all the adults in the office have committed.  Annalise had the most flash backs in regards to her being pregnant.  Even with all these hints about her being Wes’ biological mother, I am still not entirely sold on the theory.  Honestly I don’t think it’s Annalise, because I believe that Rose is Wes’ real mother. I defiantly think that Annalise had something to do with Rose’s death; it wasn’t a suicide. I think the writers are going to connect the death of Rose with Asher’s father; either with similar circumstances, or with the Rose’s case.

Frank’s flash backs showed him flirting with the students, as he has seemingly always done; killing Lila; then helping dispose of Rebecca’s body.  Bonnie’s were about her therapy sessions with Sam and killing Rebecca. I think their flash backs illustrated their guilty consciences and possibly further explore their loyalty to Annalise fading. I think they’re going to have them reveal, to the Keating Five, what both of them have actually done; as we see Frank reveal a part of his guilt to Laurel.

Wes & Annalise

We and Annalise both went to the doctor in this episode. Wes to get sleeping pills and Annalise for a check up with her gun shot wound. Wes’s visit however is not as short as Annalise’s. They keep him on a suicide watch because he jokes about shooting himself with the nurse. Laurel is the only one he talks to, while being in the hospital.  She then gets upset with Annalise ahow-to-get-away-with-murder-2x11-wesbout leaving Wes in there alone.  Annalise seems to be very upset with Wes for actually shooting her, even though if he was only following orders. Laurel sees this reluctance to help their mutual friend and tries reduce him on her own.

“You just need to forgive him.” – Laurel

Laurel may have overstepped her bounds with that line, as Annalise fires her from her being the ‘new Bonnie’.  I’m at a loss with Annalise’s character in this episode. I get that she is upset, but it was her plan.  Would she have been this upset if it was anyone else, or that Wes pulled the trigger? I think the stress of all these bad things has been culminating and taking it’s toll on everyone.  Wes is just an easy target at this point.

I’am surprised that Annalise hasn’t given up Wes for being her shooter, to everyone else; then maybe her students wouldn’t have walked out on her. Laurel states that the reason she took the blame for shooting Annalise is because the rest of the group already blames him for Sam. Everyone is still very careful around Asher and what he has done; they’re afraid that he could possibly snap again. But it’s like they don’t believe Laurel’s lie, since they treat her exactly the same as before.

The CaseHowto.Get_.Away_.with_.Murder.S02E11-400x242
This weeks case was an emotional one.  A mother whose son was shot; that same mother pleading for a lesser sentence for the boy who killed her son. The mother not wanting her son’s friend to have to pay such a harsh sentence for what happened pleads with Annalise, “Jason’s life is worth saving. Hate won’t win. It might be easy, but that destroys me. I want to heal. I want Jason to heal. Get over yourself and do your job.” This case bothers Annalise, because she doesn’t want to forgive Wes for his crime against her. She does however, make a wonderful argument for her client in court, “Let’s end the cycle.” Encouraging the judge to see the judicial system needs to be fixed for creating criminals, who then create more criminals by not raising their children right because they are stuck in prison.  This is so interesting for someone who doesn’t believe in experimental practices such as the ‘Restorative Justice Hearings’ or seemingly forgiveness itself. But I really enjoyed the argument Annalise presents to the court, because she is right! In order for the court to make the world a better place it needs to start with aiding those who truthfully seek rehabilitation.

Frank & Laurel
I am defiantly aboard ship “Flaurel”. When they were having their, basically one sided talk at the end of the episode, I was so nervous that Laurel would actually walk tgawm2x113out on him; but thankfully she didn’t.

“What if it’s mostly bad things? That is what you said to me and then you shut down. Meanwhile, all I’ve done since then is think about it – the terrible things you’ve done. I know you drugged Catherine and dumped her in the woods, so are they worse than that?” – Laurel

Getting to see Frank open up to Laurel will make their relationship arc between them feel even more authentic. “I killed Lila,” admits Frank, but will he open up about Rebecca too?  Laurel has been getting closer to Wes, while trying to keep him from going over the edge. So, I think finding out that her boyfriend is keeping the big secret about Rebecca being dead is going to cause strain on their relationship. Laurel will most likely handle the news, if he tells her, gracefully. But it will cause her to get stuck between the two men; wanting to keep Frank’s secret and wanting to be honest with Wes.

how-to-get-away-with-murder-2x11-K5-620x360The Keating Five
The Keating Five throw down at the house against Annalise for all the things that have happened and mainly for leaving Wes in the hospital. Michaela started the uprising, “… it’s the fact that I actually have a conscience and don’t tell me there’s something wrong with that.” Laurel adds to the fire, exposing the fact that Annalise hasn’t done anything about helping Wes get out of the hospital.  Annalise probably was relived to know that Wes was safe being monitored in a hospital; meant she had one less student to worry about. But the other students felt otherwise and burst into protests. I think Asher is in the most shock about Annalise leaving Wes in the hospital, “How could you just leave him in there?”  In this scene I believe Asher is imagining himself being locked away in either prison or a hospital and how it would feel to be asked directly about all of his emotional demons.

We see the Keating Five band together as they get Wes out of the hospital and being to open up about their feelings in the car. With Connor receiving an email from Phillip containing a video of the night from at the Hapstall Mansion, they need to realize that they need to protect and lean on each other if they are going to survive this situation, stay alive, and sane. What are they going to have to help each other through next? Watch on Thursday to find out!!

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