How To Get Away With Murder 2×12 It’s a Trap

Mar 2, 2016

It’s a Trap,” could have also been titled information overload with everything that we learn about in the episode.  The writers seemlessly interweave the past Mahoney trial with Philip’s present blackmail threat. Through flashbacks we discover that Annalise represented a rich kid, accused of murdering his girlfriend, and Wes’s mother was a key witness in the case. We also get to see multiple relationships either rekindled or fizzle out.

viola-davis-liza-weil-how-to-get-away-with-murder-01-600x350In last week’s episode Connor received an email, presumably from Phillip, with a video of the night at the Hapstall mansion. Connor goes to Annalise for help and after she declines, his anger gets the best of him, “I went back in to help you. I stopped you from bleeding out, possibly saved your life. You don’t remember that?” I personally think that Connor was lying to try to get Annalise to help them. Annalise calms everyone down and goes to work trying to figure out a way to get through this present crisis. Connor receives a second email demanding that money be put into an account within thirty-six hours or the video would be sent to the police. “It’s a Trap”, Annalise says explaining that Philip would be incriminating himself by sending the video to the police. I believe her speech was more to convince herself than anyone else. Annalise has been trying to reconcile all those bad choices she has made in her past, trying to protect her students from repeating her mistakes.

“Let mo142044_1417-1024x683mmy handle it, like she always does.” – Annalise Keating

The writers illustrate the moral struggle forged between Annalise, her client, and Rose during her past Mahoney case. The parents of the kid were the most disagreeable, slimy characters we have seen in a while.  They used Annalise to get sympathy from the jurors, and are possibly behind Rose’s sudden death.  See Annalise was very pregnant at the time and a woman of color; an opportunity for these rich, white parents to stack the deck in their favor. When Rose doesn’t show up to testify, Annalise almost finds herself on the ringside of her client’s father.  Remember, this trial is from her past, Annalise Keating wasn’t the ‘bulldog’ in the courtroom that we know today.  We even catch a brief glimpse into her marriage with Sam as she confides in him about her frustration.  Anyone else suddenly recall the line from last week’s episode,” the person she used to talk to is dead.” We met Sam as a cheating husband back in season one, now the writers are showing us the man Annalise fell in love with, her confidant.  This is proof that his death still weighs heavily on her shoulders.

Laurel goes to Wes after fighting with Frank about his past lies and present confessions.  She finds out that Wes is researching the dropped Mahoney case.  The pair venture off on an investigation trip to Ohio.  We not only learn more about Annalise, but Wes too; his real last name is Edmund, they were here on visa/green card status.  The writers really made you believe that the whole history is pretty “clear,” Wes’s mother never testified and Annalise’s clients had her killed.  Then in a jaw-dropping moment we learn that Laurel may have stumbled upon an even bigger truth involving her closest friend.  Annalise may have been protecting Wes since he was a young boy.  He may have killed have killed before!

After the long day, Laurel tells Wes that she hqdefaultrealizes that Frank is a lot like her father and then THAT KISS! I actually yelled ‘No!’ at the screen! I was so relieved that the characters decided not to continue kssing.  Please do not pursue this love affair; they are defiantly better as friends. Just like Connor trying to convince Michaela to sleep with Asher – I don’t want that type of relationship between the Keating Five. I want the students to have their own story arcs; but I defiantly support ‘Flaurel’ and ‘Bosher’!

Laurel did not handle the news that Frank killed Lila as gracefully as I thought she would. Walking out on Frank and turning to Wes for comfort and distraction. She explained that her father is not a good person and that’s why she handles everything so well at the house.  She’s also very afraid about the similarities between Frank and her father. Our parents’ relationships, or lack thereof, teach children what a relationships are supposed to be like, how we are to treat one another. I’m glad the writers brought this theme to the forefront the episode, because it’s relatable to both the viewers and other characters on the show.  I want some flashbacks to the student’s past, especially after learning about Laurel’s nitty-gritty past.

Annalise cooks Nate a nice dinner and he questions her intent. But they are able to work through the disagreement. I honestly hope that they either expand on these two or let them fizzle out. Annalise and Nate being together feels like more of a guilt/pitty relationship. They have messed up each others lives so much, it seems as if they owe it to one another to stay together.  I honestly feel like that relationship is not going to last long; I prefer to see more of Eve Rothlow (Famke Janssen).  She’s such a fascinating character especially, because they have this scandalous shared history.

Bonnie unfortunately puts the ultimate breaks on her relationship with Asher.  He pleads with her a couple of times to turn himself in; to take the fall for the rest of the group. “Trust me when I say I will let you know when to worry, we’re not there yet.” Bonnie reassures him that there is no need to worry at the moment, but again, is Bonnie trying to convince Asher or herself? I am still with Asher on this one, it’s too close, everyone should be worried about Phillip’s next move. Even Bonnie towards the end of the episode suggests to Annalise that they give up trying to fight, “Is this any better?” When Annalise urges everyone to take the night off and enjoy what little time they have left. Asher waits outside Bonnie’s apartment seeking comfort with her and was shut down, “I can’t be that person for you.” I really hope we get to see these two come back together, even though it is a long shot in the dark.

ConiverConnor is applying to transfer to Stanford in an effort to get away from all of this ugliness. He asks Oliver if he would go with him. But my first thought is; would that really save them from Phillip? A killer, who is a hacker; I am pretty sure that Phillip could find them anywhere they go. “Boy, she really did a number on you,” Oliver observes Connor’s top priority of getting away.  I will hold a torch for their relationship until the bitter end; they love each other “for better for worse.” I love that Connor is so protective over Oliver, while his boyfriend grounds him in the world.  This is a very stable relationship that has evolved through the hardships during season one.  

I know this show typically focuses on a new case week to week, but this is the second season so it’s all about the past! I would love to know more back stories of the Keating workforce. At this time they are only assuming that the person who sent the emails and threats was Phillip.  I hope its not him, and they introduce a new character, or bring back an old one. That would definitely spice things up a bit. Plus there is so much left to unravel in the past after learning that Wes was a suspect in his mother’s death. I mean they show him holding the knife! Did he do it? We will find out more Thursday!

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