Introducing Indies: Elena Divinity Rising

Nov 26, 2014

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DR coverElena Divinity Rising ( Markosia Enterprises )

Written by: Darren Pearce and Stuart Jennett
Art by: Stuart Jennett

I have been following this on this comic on Twitter for awhile now. Every now and then we would get teased with a new panel and some great art work by Stuart Jennet.  It was something I came to look forward too. Finally the day has come and the Elena: Divinity Rising is out on digital format from Comixology for .99 cents. Boy, was I ecstatic when I got my hands on it to read. Just like a kid at Christmas.

This story evolves around Elena who happens to be a Russian working for the C.I.A. Think of Black Widow mixed with a little Jason Bourne and then toss in the mind of Carrie from Stephen King. It seems Elena has the gift of telepathy hence the Carrie reference. Yes, a Female bad ass that you can really get behind. The story takes place in New York City where Elena and her partner Alex are checking things out on the streets during a seemingly routine operation. All of a sudden things start to go wrong. It’s reveled there is a terrorist plot about to happen and our agents are trying to get the upper hand. The terrorist group they are hunting is known as the Yuri and they obviously have a plan of their own. The main objective of the mission looks to get blown out of the water and the C.I.A. lead operative thinks that someone else is involved not just the Yuri, thingsPG_01 start to get complicated.

This story starts off well and continues with high intensity and that carries through to the very end of this issue. There are some flashback scenes of Elena so you get a better feel for her character and can get even more behind her to cheer her on. Of course this issue will leave you with a cliffhanger , but don’t worry there are three more issues coming to satiate your inevitable appetite. Sometimes it is worth it to take a chance on independent comics and Elena: Divinity Rising is proof of that. They do a great job of bringing you into their story and not letting go which is a staple of every good comic book. The art work is great and reflects the characters, making you feel more ingrained in their story. It is great to see a strong, “realistic” Female lead in a comic series. Mostly one that is intelligent and makes you cheer for her and not her sexuality. I hope you give this comic a chance and let me know what you think of it? I personally can’t wait for issue two. I hope its coming soon you hear that Darren and Stuart, I want it now!

Elena DR (452x640)


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