New ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Film Enlists ‘The End of the F—ing World’ Director Jonathan Entwistle

In 2017, the Power Rangers made their triumphant return to the big screen, in a more serious, yet still fun take on the source material. However, it didn’t make the money it wanted to. Couple that with the franchise being bought by Hasbro outright in 2018, and a sequel was out of the question.

But Hasbro didn’t buy the franchise to not do anything with it. Which is why ‘Power Rangers’ is getting a big screen reboot…again. The Hollywood Reporter says that Jonathan Entwistle, who helmed several episodes of the Netflix series ‘The End of the F—ing World’ is set to direct a new movie for Paramount Pictures.

The story will have a ‘Back to the Future’ vibe to it, where a bunch of present day kids are transported back to the 90s, and will have to find their way back. This is a way for them to have their cake and eat it too – they can develop new characters, new Rangers, and new stories, but also have the campy 90s feel that the franchise is known for.

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The ‘Power Rangers’ TV show is still going, and will not be connected to the film. Entwistle’s film is likely to operate in its own continuity.

Patrick Burleigh, who wrote the upcoming ‘Peter Rabbit 2,’ will be writing this reboot.

The ‘Power Rangers’ franchise has been mishandled. It’s bounced from Fox, to Disney, to Nickelodeon, with only loose connections between them. Being beholden to Super Sentai has its advantages and disadvantages. It has the potential to be like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but no one is giving it the respect it deserves. Jason David Frank, the original Green Ranger, wants to do a darker miniseries. He also plays Lord Drakkon, which is ripe for a serious on-screen adaptation. The comics have been doing great stories, which can be mined for content. But for now, we’ll just get a bunch of big screen reboots until something sticks.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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