Nintendo files for ‘Bowser’ game trademark

May 5, 2017

Will King Koopa get his own game?

We have just learned, thanks to our friends at Japanese Nintendo, that Nintendo has filed for a trademark in Japan for the name “Koopa” (in Japanese, クッパ). “Koopa” is, of course, known as Bowser in the West and this trademark covers multiple uses including a video game and merchandising.

This trademark in particular was filed back on February 24 of this year and we have no word on whether it has or will be approved yet. However, the trademark process in Japan can take months. Most likely, we would hear of the game first before we even received word on the result of that process.

This piece of news holds more significance due to Nintendo’s practice of filing for trademarks within a short proximity of a title’s release. Is it just a coincidence that E3 is next month? Nintendo has said very little about its E3 plans other than that it will be at E3 with pre-recorded press conference to be shown detailing all the plans Nintendo has. Either way, we’ll know soon.

Ever since Bowser was playable in Super Mario RPG, it seems like Mario’s arch nemesis was due for his own experience. Perhaps the tables will turn and we’ll get a platformer with Bowser as the protagonist and Mario as the villain. Or maybe he’ll just get his own Dr. Bowser game as medical degrees seem to be pretty easy to come by in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Would you like to see a ‘Bowser’ game? And what kind of game would you like it to be? Let us know in the comments below!


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