Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Box – The Resistance Review

Jan 21, 2016

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Box is a bi-monthly subscription box from Funko guaranteed to feature 100% exclusive items. The Box is about $25 plus shipping and promises $50 in value in return.

“Instantly Join the Star Wares Elite when you collect Items that nobody else can get their hands on. Our Box is full of Star Wars and Funko Items available only through Smuggler’s Bounty.”

January’s crate is in and it’s theme features The Resistance.2016-01-21 17.46.23

This month’s Items featured:

  • C-3P0 POP! Ceramic Mug2016-01-21 17.47.28
  • Poe Dameron Resistance Pin
  • BB-8 Patch
  • Funko Pop! Flocked Chewbacca
  • The Force Awakens Resistance Shirt

2016-01-21 17.45.11First of all, I love everything about the shirt, the design, the material. We have all the important characters of the Resistance featured here. This one easily tops the shirt I received in Novembers Smuggler’s Bounty Box.

C-3PO Mug. These Pop! Mugs are growing more and more on me. This is my second one, thanks to Marvel’s December GOTG Box. This one features C-3PO’s face. It also adds a nice touch by making the handle red.

The Flocked Chewbacca Pop was a nice surprise. This is my first “flocked” Pop and is now also one of my favorite Pops. If you don’t know what “flocked” is, it’2016-01-21 17.44.27s a Pop that has a fuzzy or furry material added to it and Chewy, here, is covered from head-to-toe in it. This Pop went back in the box immediately after this but I had to take it out at least for one photo. I think this is the best looking Chewbacca Pop to-date.

Finally, in every box is a patch and pin with a character featured on it. The patch features the scene stealer himself (or herself?), BB-8, while the pin features the best pilot in the Resistance, Poe Dameron. Between these and the Marvel Corp pins coming in, I still have no idea what to do with these but I’m building up a pretty nice collection. My two-year-old is a big BB-8 fan, so I may sew the patch onto one of his winter coats.

2016-01-21 17.49.32This is only the second Smuggler’s Bounty Box and I am still on board with Funko has in store next. I was very pleased with each of the items I received. My favorite item in this month’s crate has to go to Flocked Chewy but the shirt featuring the Resistance is pretty awesome as well.

With Funko introducing this box, the Marvel Collector Corps, and the upcoming DC Legion of Collectors, what other characters/franchises would you like to see have their own subscription box?

If you missed this month’s box, the deadline for March’s “The Cantina” Box is 3/15/16. No information on the upcoming crate has been revealed with the exception of Greedo featured on the box.


BB-8 gives this box a thumbs up! (I really just wanted an excuse to use this gif) 😉

bb8 gif



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