The Anacrusis: 5 Tips for Getting Started

Jan 13, 2022


The Anacrusis by developer Stray Bombay launches in early access today. Geeks World Wide’s preview coverage provided a glimpse into the action during this Early Access period. The Anacrusis is early in the gameplay tuning process, but the core game play can be a lot of fun. The cheeky 1960’s and `70s sci-fi vibes provide humor and charm for a group of friends or for those looking to recapture some Left 4 Dead moments.

Here are 5 tips to get started on PC or Xbox:

Tip #1 - Play to Your Perks

Scattered around each level are Matter Compilers. Each player can use the compiler to gain 1 of 3 perks. There are over 30 perks. Consequently, you may not see the same ones across various attempts at a level. These can be buffs or modifiers for health, weapons, shields, or the environment. Given the number of enemies on screen at times damage and health-based perks tend to be almost universal. If you know the level, fire or goo based perks could be helpful. But they are situational. Regardless of the perks offered or what you choose, lean into them and use them to your benefit. Surviving is hard in The Anacrusis, make those perks count.

Tip #2 - Situational Awareness

Know the map. Understand the choke points. Be mindful of spawn points. All this awareness is not gained through a single playthrough. You will die in The Anacrusis. Accept that and use it. Learn the maps and the enemies. The more you know, the longer you will survive. Furthermore, the more you know the layout, the more you can help your teammates survive. The AI Director in the game learns from your successes and failures. The AI is designed to keep the levels difficult and to keep populating the levels with items as you use them. So use them and more will spawn.

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Tip #3 - Be Tactical with Turrets

If you see turrets start to look for choke points. Turrets are strategically distributed at locations on the map where they might be needed most. Similar to Left 4 Dead, if the room or hallway has a door or elevator to open - waves of enemies are on their way. Before triggering any wave set up the room to cover entrances, windows, vents. This tactical planning and use of weapons may often take more than one run through a level. The more you know a space, the more tactical you can be.

Tip #4 - Dying isn’t Defeat

The previous tips make the challenge in The Anacrusis real. The levels are not always a breeze early on. The enemy density is currently high currently. Getting overwhelmed and overrun with enemies is a frequent occurrence. Special weapons like the Arc Rifle, where lightening is chained between enemies, are good for crowd control. You can survive with teamwork, planning, and experience. But survival comes through dying and trying again. There are currently only 3 missions and the AI difficulty is tuned to make them last.

Tip #5 - Early Access Means Things Will Change

Stray Bombay will continue to tune the weapon damage, enemies, and flow of a level throughout the coming months of early access. They are looking for feedback. Join the community and help improve the game. In addition, The Anacrusis has mod support planned which will continue to add variety and challenge as the game prepares for an official launch. In the meantime, enjoy the atmosphere of the retro vibe and have fun.

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