The Crow 2024 Trailer: A Dark, Gothic Revival with Bill Skarsgård

Jun 21, 2024

The Crow 2024 Trailer: Bill Skarsgård's Dark Revenge Tale

Fans can’t wait for the much-anticipated 2024 version of “The Crow” to come out, especially since the trailer came out in March. This modern version, which stars Bill Skarsgard and is being directed by Rupert Sanders, looks like it will honor the original while also adding new elements to the story.

The video gives you a taste of the dark, gothic mood and intense action, as Eric Draven comes back to life to kill the people who killed him and his fiancée. “The Crow” 2024, which is based on James O’Barr’s graphic book, aims to win over a new generation of viewers with its captivating story and stunning visuals.

Is there a trailer for the new Crow?

Bill Skarsgård as Eric, pointing a gun in The Crow 2024 Trailer

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Movies

Fans and new viewers are both excited that the long-awaited clip for “The Crow” 2024 has finally come out. The first look at Rupert Sanders’s idea for the remake can be seen in the movie trailer, which shows the film’s dark and gritty world.

  • Release Date: The official trailer came out on March 14, 2024, and the internet was buzzing with excitement.
  • Initial Reactions: Fans and critics have had a range of reactions, most of which are good. A lot of people like how the trailer pays tribute to James O’Barr’s original graphic book, while others find the new parts interesting.

Trailer Highlights

The intense action scenes and dark, gothic mood are shown in the movie trailer. Also, Skarsgård plays Eric Draven, who comes back from the dead to get revenge for the brutal killings of him and his fiancée. The main ideas of this new version are love, loss, and getting even, just like the original.

  • Visuals: The trailer looks amazing, with moody settings that really capture the spirit of the movie.
  • Soundtrack: Featuring a creepy score that goes well with the dark tone of the movie.

Overall, the 2024 trailer for “The Crow” does a good job of getting people excited about the movie by promising an exciting and emotional experience.

What is The Crow about in 2024?

Soulmates Eric Draven and Shelly Webster kissing through a curtain in The Crow 2024 Trailer

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Movies

The 2024 remake of “The Crow” is a thrilling story of love, loss, and revenge. It stays true to the original graphic book by James O’Barr while adding new elements that will appeal to modern viewers.

Eric Draven and Shelly Webster, played by Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs, are soulmates who are brutally killed when Shelly’s dark past catches up with them. Eric comes back to life thanks to a strange crow, and he is given the chance to make wrong things right by killing those who killed them.

  • Eric Draven’s Journey: Eric Draven, played by Skarsgård, is a musician who is brought back to life to get revenge on the people who killed him and Shelly.
  • Themes: The movie, like the book, deals with themes like rebirth, revenge, and love that lasts forever.

Key Elements

  • Resurrection: Eric’s resurrection is the main event of the story and moves it forward.
  • Vengeance: The movie shows how Eric’s desire for justice turns him into a revenge-seeking anti-hero.
  • Love: The love between Eric and Shelly is still a moving part of the story, even though the premise is dark.

The official summary focuses on Eric’s journey through the living and the dead to make up for what was done to him and his fiancée. This makes “The Crow” 2024 an interesting movie for both fans of the first movie and people who have never seen it before.

Who’s playing The Crow in 2024?

Eric with black paint around his eyes, looking determined in The Crow 2024 Trailer

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Movies

In the 2024 version of “The Crow,” Bill Skarsgård plays the famous Eric Draven in a way that is both new and true to the character.

In the first movie, Brandon Lee made Eric Draven a legend. Now, Bill Skarsgard, who is known for being able to play many roles, takes over. Sharing that he was a huge fan of the original film, Skarsgård’s performance looks like it will respect the legacy of the cult classic while adding his own style.

  • Background: Many people know Skarsgård for his scary and suspenseful parts, like Pennywise in “It.”
  • Approach to the Role: As Skarsgård has said, he is excited to play Eric Draven and is dedicated to capturing the character’s depth and complexity.

Eric’s story in this remake is about how he comes back to life and seeks revenge after he and his fiancée, Shelly Webster, are brutally killed. FKA Twigs joins the group as Shelly, giving the role her own style.

Supporting Cast

  • FKA Twigs as Shelly Webster: She is famous for her music and acting, and she has a big part in the story’s emotional core.
  • Danny Huston: Even though Huston’s part hasn’t been revealed, his presence gives the cast more weight.

Overall, the addition of Skarsgård and FKA Twigs to the cast of “The Crow” 2024 should make for an exciting and interesting performance that will appeal to both fans of the original graphic novel and new viewers.

Is Jason Momoa in The Crow?

Fierce-looking Eric with reflections on both his sides in The Crow 2024 Trailer

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Movies

Jason Momoa, who loved the original comic book and movie, was first set to act in the remake of “The Crow.” He eventually quit the project because he didn’t agree with the creative direction, which made way for Bill Skarsgård to play the lead part.

His leaving was a turning point for the movie, which led to Bill Skarsgård being hired. Momoa said he felt bad about leaving the project and said he admired the original movie and how it affected people.

Impact on Production

  • Transition: The film’s production and direction had to be changed because the lead actor changed.
  • Fan Reactions: Some fans were upset, but a lot of them were hopeful that Skarsgård would be able to honor the legacy of the first movie.

Rupert Sanders is in charge of the remake, which stars Bill Skarsgård, and tries to stay true to the spirit of the original while adding new elements to keep people interested. Momoa’s work on and departure from the project show how strong “The Crow’s” legacy is and how high standards are.

Why are they remaking The Crow?

The choice to remake “The Crow” came from a desire to bring the famous story to a new generation while still honoring the original movie and comic book. Even though it caused some debate, the remake tries to keep the original’s spirit while giving it a new look.

The Legacy of the Original Film

  • Alex Proyas’ Vision: The first movie, which Alex Proyas directed, has gained cult status since it debuted in 1994. The film will go down in cinematic history because of Proyas’s vision and the sad death of Brandon Lee, who played Eric Draven.
  • Rupert Sanders’ Approach: Rupert Sanders wanted to make a remake that respects the original while completely changing some parts to appeal to current audiences. Sanders wants to keep the main ideas of love, loss, and cruel payback that makeup Eric’s story.

The new trailer shows this balance by showing how Eric plans to get revenge on the people who brutally murdered him and his fiancée, Shelly Webster.

Final Thoughts

Making a new version of “The Crow” is a big step toward giving a beloved classic new life. Rupert Sanders is in charge of directing this 2024 version, which promises to stay true to James O’Barr’s original graphic book while adding new elements that will appeal to modern audiences.

The film stays true to the original movie by Alex Proyas and the tragic death of Brandon Lee, keeping the main themes of love, loss, and justice. With new actors, better visuals, and more modern ways of telling stories, “The Crow” 2024 wants to interest both old and new viewers.

The movie offers an emotional and beautiful journey as Eric Draven goes on a cruel quest for revenge for the brutal murders of himself and his fiancée, Shelly Webster. “The Crow” 2024 will have a long-lasting effect because of how hard the filmmakers worked to stay true to the original story while reimagining it for a modern audience.


When will The Crow 2024 be released?

The film “The Crow” 2024 will come out on August 23, 2024.

Is there any footage available from the film?

The first trailer came out on March 14, 2024. It showed important scenes and the dark, gothic mood of the movie.

Why did Jason Momoa leave the project?

Because of creative differences with the production team, Jason Momoa quit, and Bill Skarsgård took over the role of Eric Draven.

Will the 2024 film be faithful to the original graphic novel?

The new version tries to stay true to the story and themes of James O’Barr’s original graphic novel while adding some new things.

Who directed the 2024 remake of The Crow?

The remake of 2024 was directed by Rupert Sanders, who brought his own style to the project while still respecting the legacy of the original movie.