The Five of Pentacles – A Dungeons & Dragons journal: Schwamp Schnapps

Nov 30, 2016

The following is a journal, describing the exploits and adventure of the adventuring party “the Five of Pentacles” told by the knowledgeable storyteller. The party is one of many adventuring parties in the world of Chansika, a homebrewed world in the roleplaying game of Dungeons and Dragons. And with that out of the way……on to the story.

Read the The Five of Pentacles – A Dungeons & Dragons journal: Melarch the magic Dragon for the beginning of the story.

Having partied hard, the party wakes up, most of them relatively hung over. Luckily the inn serves strong coffee, with a distinct taste of the swamp water it was made from. Still, taste aside, the coffee clears up the hangover, and the Discuss their separate plans for the day. The merchants are still loading their wares, so our unsung heroes have some time off.

Jericho, Tom and Melarch decides to investigate the story of the weird sounds stemming from the swamp.

Marlarch decides to do some shopping of his own, visiting the marketplace of this smal town.

Bearlone the noble fighter decides to make a visit to the town mayor.

Jericho, Tom and Melarch arrive at the edge of town, the part of the town built on rafts hammered down into the swamp itself. they struggle with how to investigate, but Jericho takes things into his own hands, and with a astounding example of poor judgement, leaps into the swamp. Therefore he is neckdeep in the murky swamp water. His heavy plated boots sunk deep into the Swamps mud, lodging themselves stuck. Eager, with a slight note of panic, in his high pitched squeals, the massive paladin tries to escape the grip of the mud, to no avail. And even with the help of the, now laughing in hysterical fits of laughter, halfling Tom and Tiefling Melarch, the combined strength of the two, is not strong enough to lift him up of the mud. Things are looking bleak for Jericho.

Tom, who is always the quick thinker, quickly deduces that the only solution to this problem is to run for the help, of able bodied men ( and everybody else, who would like a quick laugh on Jericho’s expense ) It doesnt take the halfling bard long to come running back with a good score of people, telling them the story of Jericho’s pool, and the clumsy paladin that inhabits it. Once again Jericho tries to dislodge himself from the much of the swamp floor, but only manages to swallow more of the murky water. According to Tom the renowned bard, this might have been the most hilariously in Pæleby ever.

In the end the combined might( and mirth ) of the townspeople pull Jericho from the swamp, and the people are treated to “pæleby Øl” a dark ale brewed locally, tasting only slightly of the murky waters, at the local inn “The Wandering Dragon”. Jericho did grab a quick bath, before he joined the heroes at the inn. For countless ale and also some more of the strong Schwamp Schnapps.

Once again the Schwamp Schnapps does away with Tom the Bard, who awaken with a drool against the hardwood floor of the inn. but with severe discomfort, and a splitting headache, the merry group departures for Bordertown once more. This time for the last trip of the season, but with an extra carriage more than when they arrived.

the carriage driver of this latecomer, is considerably less chatty, than the others, which ofcause stirs Tom’s curiousness. And Tom convinces Jericho, that it would be a good idea to investigate the contents of the new carriage. And as the carriage drivers dine on some provisions, Tom easily manages to open the old padlocks, that protects the cargo. His disappointment is huge, as he sees its just a large wooden figure of a soldier. With Jericho’s snicker in his halfling ear, he starts to lock the figure away again, but….

Suddenly the entire camp feels their hearts pounced with an indescribable fear, and everybody takes way, and even some of the mightier fighter types end up stumbling in fear, screaming for their lives. after a short run, the group ( and carriage drivers ) back up - SLOWLY. Only to find that the new Carriages cargo has been stolen.


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