The GWW staff reacts to Heroes in Crisis #1

Sep 26, 2018

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Well, that was pretty HEAVY. We all knew some serious stuff was going down in Heroes in Crisis, but Tom King decided he wasn’t going to hold any punches from the jump.

Andrew Martinez has you covered with the full review, but others on the GWW staff needed vent about the deaths from DC Comics’ Heroes in Crisis #1:

Kristel Yeager
“Freaking took out Flash and Arsenal, I flipped my $%#! I knew they’d kill (Flash) again.”

Thomas Polito
Wally West – “What was the point of bringing him back just to kill him off?”

Roy Harper – “They could have seriously explored his character in this story, given his drug addiction and its effects. His death was pointless.”

D. Ivester
Sees Wally West dead

“Honestly, Roy and especially Wally deserved better deaths.”

Brian Villar
“When you see a hero, some of them have their session with Sanctuary shown. You notice this pattern and think it’s for live ones, but that changes with Hot Spot. It slowly dawns on you that the crows that scurry away have a dismembered Blue Jay in his beak. Since Harley and Booster got out, you ask yourself, ‘What killed Blue Jay?”

Elizabeth Garcia
“I didn’t expect Booster to be a sociopath, so that is a new take. Honestly, wish I was more surprised by who bit the dust and how fast they bit the dust, but I suppose it is what it is. Sigh
Poor Jason Todd and Kori. I liked Roy. Bless his heart…though I kind of feel like Booster is going to do a time thing and fix it all. Hopefully, the twist is a little more genuine than that.”

Deron Generally
“I found Wally’s death to be the most jarring to me. His arc since Rebirth has been one of finding his way back to the people he loves. It’s going to be interesting to see how they both show his death and rectify the decision to kill him.”

Christopher Scott
“It was shocking to see Wally West dead. Whatever took him and the others out must have been smarter or faster or caught them all way off their guards.”

Nick Friar
“As much as I like Artemis and Jason Todd, I always loved the dynamic between Starfire, Arsenal and Red Hood. Roy had his share of demons, no doubt, but he was a good dude. Kind of saw this coming, but it still sucks all the same.”

What death bothered you most in Heroes in Crisis #1? Are you worried about who could die next? Let us know on Twitter @The_GWW.